The Wandering Uterus (Literature / Non-Fiction-paperback)


Description: My Wandering Uterus A diverse treasure trove from women across the globe and from every walk of life! This book contains memoirs, stories and poetry about the experiences of being a woman on the road — the joys, the perils, the lessons, the changes. From spiritual pilgrimages to forced evacuations, in pursuit of opportunity or to escape from the past, travel broadens the mind — and broads’ travel writing will delight your heart!



The Golden Rule (Children’s picture book-hardcover, paperback, ebook, & audiobook)

Cover 2 (1)

Description: The “Golden Rule” is for everyone. When a young girl starts to learn about the different ways to say it, she finds that every culture and faith has their own way to express the “Golden Rule.” Celebrate a love of diversity and acceptance in this beautifully illustrated tale.



Chicken Soup For the Soul: Inspiration for Teachers-101 Stories About How You Make a Difference (Non-fiction Inspirational Compilation-paperback & ebook)


Description: Teachers inspire students every day, and this new collection provides some much-needed inspiration for these dedicated educators. With great stories about teaching from teachers and stories of thanks from students, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Teachers makes for a great teacher gift all year round!

Teachers will love the book’s heartfelt, inspiring, and humorous stories from inside and outside the classroom. Stories from teachers and students about their favorite memories, lasting lessons, and unforgettable moments will uplift and encourage any educator.



My Family Is Different (Children’s-paperback & ebook)

Author: Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Description: A young girl realizes that her family celebrates a different faith than most. When she questions her friends about their beliefs she learns that they all have different backgrounds and comes to understand that all families are different.

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Embracing Entropy (Space Opera Trilogy-paperback)


Description: As Earth dies, leaving its inhabitants struggling to survive, an alien race offers an unimaginable option: to relocate humans to their own planet on the far end of the universe. The Campbells, one of the last surviving families, quickly realize humanity’s hope for survival may come with a price. Accepting a new way of life, acclimating to a new atmosphere, and trying to fight against a universe that seems set on tearing them apart offers many struggles. Can the Campbell’s make it through, together?