Shit, Not Again!

Every time I open my mouth about writing I leave myself vulnerable to criticism, I get that. But is anyone else just a bit pissed off by the whole, “No one is allowed to have actual thoughts about anything without being torn down” mentality?

Need more info? Okay here I am. I’m a chick yes, but as a writer I don’t go running around shouting out, “I have a vagina” when I submit my work or talk to readers and writers. My name is feminine so most editors should take the hint. Apparently I’m extreme feminism’s enemy because I would rather my work speak for itself, than the fact that it was written by a woman.


Same goes for race, and honestly we’re all the same fucking race. We are HUMANS people. I know there’s a lot of shit going on in the world that separates us out by color, gender, sexual preference, what kind of pizza you prefer, if you like dogs or cats, why you decided to cut your hair the way you did, and a whole other list of bull shit things that categorize us to make it easier to check boxes. But really it gets tedious, and annoying.

Here’s the deal. I’m a weirdo, I know this. I grew up poor in a diverse neighborhood. (When I say diverse I mean a lot of African Americans and immigrants were my neighbors) I guess this made me a bit colorblind and after 911 when everyone started polarizing again and labeling each other because of fear it didn’t really change my outlook. I love books written by black authors, white authors, Indian authors, basically every culture has something to offer because reading is all about the human connection, and what better way to connect than to learn about people unlike yourself.

Am I preaching? I really hope not. My point is that I am CONFUSED.

We say color shouldn’t matter, but then market books: words on paper, as a color. This country is so cracked. I mean for real, I sometimes fantasize about fleeing.

I’ve been to Sydney AU, it was amazing. My Canadian friends don’t seem to have these issues, Iceland is sounding fucking nice. They banned the shit that is nasty ass McDonalds and seem to have it together.

Sorry if this is a bit of a rant. But if I try to write about this in my work, publishers don’t want it because it’s too real, or too honest as has been said before by my fav writer.

Maybe I just love books, stories, tales too much. I could try and start caring about all the stats behind everything, but that would take away the point. There are so many publishing options nowadays I don’t feel like I’ve ever been discriminated against as a woman, a Wiccan, or a person who sometimes says too much.

But I’m not allowed to have an opinion about anything anymore because we live in times where people actively want to abolish words and individuality. Wow. If you’re still reading I’m sorry. I’m sorry the world sucks. And I’m sorry that I can’t fix everything.

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