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Homeschooling on a Budget

Coming Tuesday August 2nd, 2022.

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Description: Homeschooling is on the rise. After the pandemic exposed many flaws in the public education system, more and more American parents are seeking better options. But what about those who cannot afford private schools and have no access to good charter schools?

It’s never been a better time for home education. Parents from any background, with any income level, can give their children the best education possible by utilizing affordable tools within their community. From libraries to book sales and internet options, homeschooling has never been easier, and best of all, parents can do it for less than 5% of the costs that public schools spend on average per student.

Books Available NOW

The Magic of Nature: Meditations & Spells to Find Your Inner Voice (8th May, 2021 / Spiritual Nonfiction)

Get a Copy: https://www.llewellyn.com/product.php?ean=9780738767857

Walk Your Path: A Magical Awakening (4th, Feb 2020 / Spiritual Nonfiction Memoir)

Get a Copy: https://www.amazon.com/Walk-Your-Path-Magical-Awakening/dp/191601402X

Father and I: A Toast To Fatherhood–Paternal Admiration (19th June, 2020 / Nonfiction Poetry)

Get a Copy:  https://www.amazon.com/Father-toast-fatherhood-Ruchi-Acharya/dp/B08BD9CY5R

Magic of Motivational Poetry and Quotes (Nov. 21, 2020 / Nonfiction Poetry)

Get a Copy: http://winglessdreamer.com/motivational-book-of-poetry-and-quotes/

It’s Alive: Bringing Your Nightmares to Life (Dec 14th 2018 / Non-Fiction)

Get a Copy: https://www.amazon.com/Its-Alive-Bringing-Nightmares-Weaver/dp/1684545455

My Wandering Uterus: Freedom of Voice (March 2018 / Women’s Travel)

Get a Copy: https://www.amazon.com/My-Wandering-Uterus-traveling-female/dp/1986379019

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Teachers (April 2017 / Memoir, Inspiration)

Get a Copy: https://www.amazon.com/Chicken-Soup-Soul-Inspiration-Difference/dp/1611599660

2022 Articles & Essays

Go 2 Tutors: School Let A Young Student Transition Without Parents Knowing (3rd May, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: 4-Year-Olds Get Handbook Telling Them To Identify Racist Family Members (3rd May, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: No, You’re Not Imagining It, Breastfeeding Really Is A Full-Time Job (3rd May, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: New Mexico’s Child Care Funding Is Largest In The Nation, And It Just Became Higher (2nd May, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Are These States Using COVID Relief Funds To Push CRT In Schools? (2nd May, 2022)

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Witch Way Magazine: Blessing Beltane Flowers for Good Fortune (May 2022 Issue)

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Evie Magazine: How To Support A Partner Who Has Been Abused (30th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Massachusetts Says Kids Uncomfortable Sharing A Bathroom With Transgenders Need Counseling (29th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: School Board Member Under Fire After Posting Link To Porn Site (29th Apr, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: The Unpopular Truth About Kermit Gosnell: The Serial Killer Who Used Abortion To Murder (29th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: This State Just Announced Free College For All High School Graduates (28th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: “See This School District’s Peculiar Idea To Curb Guns In Schools (28th Apr, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: What The Organization Birthright Really Does And Why It’s Good For All Women (28th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: High School Bans LGBTQ Safe Space Signs (27th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Schools That Stayed Remote Longer Faced Steepest Enrollment Declines (27th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Supreme Court Rejects Move To Block Race-Based Admission Policy At Top School (26th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Governor Signs Bill Enforcing Strict Penalties Against Schools That Ignore Transgender Sport Bans (26th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Teachers Put On Leave For Fake Vaccination Cards (25th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Is This High School Bypassing State Law To Teach CRT In Schools? (25th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: How One School District Was Able To Boost Student Literacy This Year (22nd Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Obama Relatives Sue School Alleging Racism (20th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Disney In More Trouble After Opposing Florida Law Prohibiting Schools From Sexualizing 1st Graders (20th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Opinion: I Was A Homeless Teen And I Don’t Support Free Money Programs For Students In Need (20th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Toddlers Hospitalized After Eating THC-Laced Snack From Daycare (19th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Professor Thinks Children Are Partially To Blame In Abuse Cases (19th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Intruder Enters School And Fatally Stabs Student (19th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: How Many Hours A Week Do Teachers Typically Work (18th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Teacher Charged After Broadcasting Porn To Students (18th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: NYC Expands And Revamps Gifted And Talented Program (18th Apr, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Sarcasm Has No Place In A Marriage (16th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: See New Mexico’s New Controversial Education Standards (15th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Department Of Education To Award Grants Based on Equity Moving Forward (15th Apr, 2022)

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American Thinker: Pro-Choice Activists Know that Their Movement is Wrong (15th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Homeschooling Still On The Rise Despite Public Schools Reopening (14th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Indiana Schools Are Giving Parents Vouchers, But Not For School Choice (14th Apr, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: 10 Things People In Successful Marriages Do After Becoming Parents (14th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Education Commissioner Apologizes For Racist Joke (13th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Governor Vetoes School Budget, Says It Needs More Funding (13th Apr, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: 11 Life-Changing Benefits Of Hugs (13th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Professor Punished For Refusing To Grade Students Based On Race (12th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: University To Hold Racially Segregated Events (12th Apr, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Marriage And Motherhood Aren’t A Loss Of Identity, But A New Expression Of Yourself (12th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Kids In These States Will Have Much Longer School Days Next Year (11th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Whistleblower Says College Made Fake Jobs To Improve Rankings (11th Apr, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Many New Moms Have Strong Irrational Fears About Their Newborn Babies. Here’s Why (11th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Professor Convicted For Hiding Ties To China (8th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Senator Wants To Give Low-Income Seniors No-Strings-Attached Checks (8th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Joe Rogan Slams His 9-Year-Old’s School For Teaching Anti-Racism (7th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Teachers Threaten To Go Remote After School Shooting (7th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: College Building Being Renamed For Dr. Fauci (6th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Students Accused Of Waterboarding In Hazing Incident At A Military School (6th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: One State Looking To Make Major Change To How Teachers Are Paid (5th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Minnesota Democrats Want $1.15B More For Public Education (5th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Are Schools Putting Litter Boxes In Bathrooms For Furries? (4th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: NYC Extends Mask Mandate For Children Under 5 (4th Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Judge Removes 5 School Board Members Over Mask Mandates (1st Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Philadelphia School Ditches President’s Name (1st Apr, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Data Breach Exposes Nearly A Million Student’s Personal Data (31st Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Opinion: Why I Support States Banning Transgender Athletes (31st Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: State Lawmakers Push For Stricter Penalties In Pre-Existing Transgender Athlete Ban (31st Mar, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Men Are No Longer Lovers Or Fighters, So What Are They (31st Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: See A Florida Teacher Vow To Keep Hiding Student Info From Parents, Violating Law (30th Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Transgender Sports Banned In Utah Despite Governor’s Veto (30th Mar, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: I Never Wanted Kids Or Planned To Become A Mother—Here’s What Made Me Change My Mind (30th Mar, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Make Sure Your Man Never Feels Taken For Granted By Doing These 3 Things (29th Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Colleges Across The Nation Raising Tuition For Next Year (29th Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Harvard Cancels Black Professor For Exposing Unrealistic Woke Beliefs (29th Mar, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Is Comparing Porn To Romcoms Really Honest? (28th Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: See the School District Claimed To Be Worst Parental Rights Violator (28th Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: See Alaska’s Proposed Curriculum Transparency Law (24th Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Public School Teachers 100 Times More Likely To Abuse Kids Than Catholic Priests (24th Mar, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Should You Take Your Husband’s Last Name When You Get Married? (24th Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: City Mayor Begs State Board Not To Take Over Struggling Schools (23rd Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Yale Defends Students Who Tried To Fight A Conservative For Debating (23rd Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Financial Literacy Now Required To Graduate High School In One State (23rd Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Washington Adopts Race Dependent Discipline For Schools (22nd Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Middle School Counselors Placed On Leave After Posting F U Video (22nd Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: State Bill To Address Workforce Shortage With Student Work Programs (22nd Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Extreme Political Agenda Of World’s Largest Textbook Company Revealed (21st Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: See Washington’s 2021 Public School Test Scores, They’re A Disaster (21st Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Another Teachers Union Abandons Students And Shuts Down Schools (21st Mar, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: 27 Quirky Compromises Our Married Readers Have Made For Marital Bliss (21st Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Schools Beg For More Money, Yet Don’t Know How To Spend Federal Relief Funds (18th Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Emotional Disturbances Are Now Emotional Disabilities (18th Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: One State Is Eliminating College Requirements And Promoting Success Without Degrees (18th Mar, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Don’t Believe The Myth Of “Having It All Together”—A Great Life Is Put Together Over Time (18th Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Chicago Stops Teachers Union From Masking Kids (17th Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: See Missouri’s New Curriculum Transparency Bill (17th Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: One Mom’s Eclectic Homeschool Method Curriculum And How To Get Started (17th Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Florida Ditches FSA Testing In Favor Of Progress Monitoring (16th Mar, 2022)

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Go 2 Tutors: Many Public Schools Dropping To 4 Days A Week In 2022-2023 (16th Mar, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Putting More Realistic Birth Experiences In Movies Would Help Women Be Less Afraid Of Giving Birth (16th Mar, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: This Is What They Took From You: 17 Year Olds Have Never Known A Normal Teenage Life Thanks To Lockdowns (12th Mar, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: There’s Nothing Cult-Like About Doing Something That’s Natural For A Woman’s Body (11th Mar, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Pre-K Is Making Kids Less Likely To Succeed, More Likely To Be Diagnosed With ADHD (5th Mar, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Rescuing Your Husband Won’t Save Your Marriage (4th Mar, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Children Are Most At-Risk To Toxic Chemicals In At-Home Covid Test Kits (4th March, 2022)

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The Federalist: What I Saw When I Met The U.S. Truckers’ Convoy In Missouri (3rd March, 20220)

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Evie Magazine: Ally Building: What To Do When Family Wants You To Pick A Side (24th Feb, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: It’s Been 10 Years Since Whitney Houston Died. A New Book Is Revealing The Truth About Her Career And Tragic Death (18th Feb, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Four Telltale Signs (That Aren’t About Love) That Prove He’s A Good Man (18th Feb, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Why You Need To Accept Your Husband’s Influence (14th Feb, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: This One Thing Is The Biggest Predictor Of Divorce (4th Feb, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: The Butterbox Babies: The Stolen Babies Of Nova Scotia (2nd Feb, 2022

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Evie Magazine: Finding Someone Who Loves Like You Do Will Help Your Relationship Succeed (2nd Feb, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: How Marriage Changes After Children (28th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Crisis Nurseries Need More Support To Prevent Infant Abandonment And Death (26th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Moms Are Still Having Their Newborn Babies Separated From Them Because Of Covid (25th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Hollywood, The Media, And Public Education Have Been Grooming Us For Years (21st Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: The Life-Altering Side Effect Women Need To Know About Before Getting A Hysterectomy (20th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Americans Are Sacrificing Kids To Protect Adults, And It Has To Stop (15th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Some Prenatal Genetic Tests For Rare Disorders Are Wrong Up To 90% Of The Time (14th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Why Are We Diagnosing Little Boys With A “Problem,” Just Because They Develop Differently Than Girls? (13th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Helping My Mom Through Cancer Healed Our Traumatic Relationship (10th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: The Sex Talk Every Mother Needs To Have With Her Son (And It’s Not The One You’re Thinking Of) (6th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: My Husband Got A Vasectomy And It Ruined Our Marriage (5th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Honoring Betty White: Our Favorite Golden Girl (3rd Jan, 2022)

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2021 Articles & Essays

Evie Magazine: Witty Comebacks For Those Rude Questions You Get Asked At Parties (20th Dec, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: How To Stay Connected To Your Husband During The Holiday Bustle (16th Dec, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: How To Navigate Your Work Holiday Party With Class (13th Dec, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: You’re Never Going To Feel ready To Be An “Adult” (10th Dec, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: The Testimonies Of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Alleged Victims (9th Dec, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: 7 Types Of Mothers-In-Law And How To Handle Them (7th Dec, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: There’s Still Hope: These Celebrity Moms Had Babies In Their 40s (6th Dec, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Is Your Phone Getting In The Way Of Your Relationship? (29th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: James Van Der Beek And Wife Welcome Baby #6 After Tragic Loss (24th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: How To Handle Covid Drama With Family This Holiday Season (22nd Nov, 2021)

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American Thinker: Our culture errs badly by erasing Thanksgiving (20th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: A College Professor Is Fighting To Rebrand Pedophiles As ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ (18th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: How To Lean Into Your Feminine Leadership Skills (17th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: 10 Better Responses Than Just Saying “I’m Fine” (10th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: The Overdiagnosis Of ADHD Is Covering Up Trauma And Bad School Policies (9th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Are You Missing Your Husband’s Bids? (8th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Facebook And Google Pay For Their Female Employees To Freeze Their Eggs (2nd Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Should Men Really Ask To Kiss Women? (1st Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ Already Has Bad*ss Female Characters (29th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Why Is The Internet Stunned 15-Year-Old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Would Wear A Dress? (28th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: The REAL Reason Men Love Harley Quinn (25th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Donating Breast Milk Is A Priceless Gift (21st Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: iCarly Actress Jennette McCurdy Reveals Her Mother Was Abusive, “Obsessed With Making Me A Star” (20th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: The White House Is Aiming Covid-19 Vaccine Coercion At Children (14th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: What Women Need To Understand About Men In Order To Fight Effectively (12th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Deepfakes Are The Latest Digital Threat To Women (11th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Why Drafting Women Into The Military Will Be A Mistake (8th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Babies Are Being Born Full Of Microplastics (7th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: The Hallmark Channel is Super Mom-Friendly And We Love It (6th Oct, 2021)

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Silent No More: Hid my True Feelings and Cried in Private (Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: The Untold Story of Aaliyah’s Abuse (28th Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Facebook Knows Instagram Is Harmful To Young Women But Doesn’t Care (27th Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Parents Group Demands Netflix Be Investigated For “Child Pornography” (23rd Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Uma Thurman Opens Up About Her Abortion As A Teenager, Calls It Her “Darkest Secret” (22nd Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: New Studies Will Investigate The Link Between Covid-19 Vaccines And Irregular Periods (18th Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Homeschool Moms Deserve The Same Respect As Teachers (16th Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Why Small Weddings Are Making A Big Impression (15th Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Rose McGowan Alleges Gavin Newsom’s Ties To Harvey Weinstein (14th Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: How To Avoid Dead End Relationships (14th Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Transwoman Facing Charges For Flashing Women At California Spa Is A Registered Sex Offender (3rd Sept. 2021)

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St. Louis Post Dispatch: When does a proxy war become a civil war? (2nd Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: The Harsh Reality of Waiting to Have Kids (27th Aug, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: St. Louis Welcomes Afghan Refugees (23rd Aug, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: St. Louis Homeschool Pioneer Details Her Journey Through Teaching (17th Aug, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: What The Fall Of Afghanistan Means For Girls And Women In The Middle East (17th Aug, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Missouri Celebrates Its Bicentennial With Governor Mike Parson (10th Aug, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: What You Should Know About HPV Before You Or Your Daughter Get The Vaccine (6th Aug, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Missouri Parents Censored Online for Opposing Mask Mandates in School (4th Aug, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: St. Louis Municipalities Refuse to Enforce Reinstated Mask Mandates (27th July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Missouri Governor Launches ‘MO VIP’ Lottery Program That Pays People to Get Vaccinated (26th July, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Germany’s Gymnasts Unveil Unitards At The Olympics To Protest Sexualization In The Sport (26th July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Doctor Calls Out Fauci’s ‘Vaccine Frenzy’ After He Slammed Missouri for Low Vaccination Rates (23rd July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Back the Blue Efforts Gain More Support in Missouri Legislature (19th July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: As Politics Dominate Mainstream Culture, Country Music Fans Turn to Branson, Missouri for Traditional Songs (17th July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Missouri Creates Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program to Offer School Choice (15th July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Homesteading Is Gaining Popularity: A Practice That Is Deeply Rooted in the Missouri Ozarks (13th July, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Everything You Need To Know About Homebirthing From Someone Who’s Done It Four Times (13th July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Nurse Blows the Whistle on the Medical Industry: ‘They’re Not Offering Informed Consent’ (9th July, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: I Got An Abortion at 17: Here’s My Story (9th July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Homeowners in Missouri are Selling Fast, Reflecting US Market Trends (7th July, 2020)

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The Epoch Times: Fair St. Louis Resumes as 4th of July Celebrations Make a Comeback Across the Nation (3rd July, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: What We Can Learn About Femininity From Mary Tyler Moore, The Original Boss Babe (30th June, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Family Farmers Struggling to Keep Up With Demand in Missouri (28th June, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Mark McCloskey Opens Up to The Epoch Times: ‘The Power Resides in the People’ (23rd June, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Missouri Grocer Combating Inflation as the Nation Buckles Down (22nd June, 2021)

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American Thinker: Why Leftists Think American is a Failed Experiment (16th June, 2021)

Read for FREE: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/06/why_leftists_think_america_is_a_failed_experiment_.html

The Epoch Times: Missouri Firearms Dealer Spotlighted with Signing of ‘Second Amendment Preservation Act’ (14th June, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: St. Louis University Is the Latest College to Require COVID-19 Vaccines for Fall Semester (12th June, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: How I Learned To Love My Body Without Falling For Media Hypes (12th June, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: In-Person Visits Resume Only for Vaccinated Missouri Prisoners (9th June, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Missouri Courts Ending COVID-19 Procedures (7th Jun, 2021)

Read for FREE-but you should subscribe-here: https://www.theepochtimes.com/missouri-courts-ending-covid-19-procedures_3847830.html

The Epoch Times: Cancel Culture Attacks Ellie Kemper and the St. Louis Veiled Prophets by Ignoring the Details (3rd June, 2021)

Read for FREE: https://www.theepochtimes.com/cancel-culture-attacks-ellie-kemper-and-the-st-louis-veiled-prophets-by-ignoring-the-details_3843224.html

Witchology Magazine: Discretion Without Being Closeted (1st June, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Studies Show That Women Are More Vulnerable To Adverse Covid-19 Vaccine Reactions (29th May, 2021)

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American Thinker: Cancer Death Rates Are Up Because of COVID Protocols (28th May, 2021)

Read for FREE: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/05/cancer_death_rates_are_up_because_of_covid_protocols.html

The New American: University of Virginia Requiring Students to Get COVID-19 Vaccine (27th May, 2021)

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AspireMag: Simple Techniques for Embracing the Magic of Nature (20th May, 2021)

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American Thinker: Why You Need to Read Josh Hawley’s “The Tyranny of Big Tech” (19th May, 2021)

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The New American: DeSantis to Pardon Floridians Charged With Breaking Mask Mandates (13th May, 2021)

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American Thinker: The Bias of Disney’s ‘Woke’ Job Training (12th May, 2021)

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Llewellyn Worldwide Articles: Quick Ways to Connect with Nature at Home (3rd May, 2021)

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The New American: Biden’s “American Families Plan” Is a Socialist Boondoggle (29th April, 2021)

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The New American: Joe Biden’s Hard Leftist Agenda Is Being Called “Moderate Radicalism” (29th April, 2021)

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The New American: Americans Who Get COVID Vaccine May Travel to EU This Summer (26th April, 2021)

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The New American: Mothers Separated From Newborn Babies Due to COVID-19 (23rd April, 2021)

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The New American: People Testing Positive for COVID-19 AFTER Getting the Vaccine (21 April, 2021)

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The New American: All American Adults Now Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine; Many Still Skeptical (21st April, 20201)

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Evie Magazine:The Push To “Raise Boys Right” Implies That Men Need To Be Fixed (20th April, 2021)

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The New American: “No Vaccine = No Entry” for Buffalo Bills Fans (14th April, 2021)

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The New American: Biden’s “American Jobs Plan” Will Bring Big Government to Small Businesses (14th April 2021)

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The New American: White House Downplays Inflation While Cryptocurrency Offers Alternatives (12th April, 2021)

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American Thinker: The Backlash Against Socialism: North Las Vegas Mayor Switches Political Parties (9th April, 2021)

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The New American: BLM Activists Storm Iowa Capitol Building, Mainstream Media Silent (8th April, 2021)

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The New American: North Las Vegas Mayor Switches Political Parties (7th April, 2021)

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The New American: Apple’s Vaccine Passport Is Launching as States Disagree on Travel Requirements (7th April, 2021)

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American Thinker: Portland Wokies Target Trees for Racism (4/6/2021)

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The Gonzo Press: Too Comfortable? (Issue #2 pg 39)

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The New American: Wisconsin Supreme Court Overturns State Mask Mandate, but County and City Mandates Still Hold (31st Mar, 2021)

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American Thinker: If the vaccine works, why continue excessive safety protocols? (31st Mar, 2021)

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The New American: New York Becomes First State to Implement Vaccine Pass as Biden Admin Working on National Version (29th Mar, 2021)

Read for FREE: https://thenewamerican.com/new-york-becomes-first-state-to-implement-vaccine-pass-as-biden-admin-working-on-national-version/

The New American: Irresponsible Immigration Policies Led to Drowning of Nine-year-old Girl (29th Mar, 2021)

Read for FREE: https://thenewamerican.com/irresponsible-immigration-policies-led-to-drowning-of-nine-year-old-girl/

The New American: Biden’s New Goal: 200 Million Vaccinated in 100 Days (26th Mar, 2021)

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The New American: Mike Lindell’s Upcoming Free-speech Social-media Site Is Unveiled (24th Mar, 2021)

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American Thinker: The Pandemic, Mental Health, and Addiction (24th Mar, 2021)

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The New American: Justice Department Considers Charging Oath Keepers for January 6 “Insurrection” (23rd Mar, 2021)

Read for FREE: https://thenewamerican.com/justice-department-considers-charging-oath-keepers-for-january-6-insurrection/

The New American: Biden Urges Americans to Get COVID Vaccine as We Reach 100 Million Shots in 58 Days (19th Mar, 2021)

Read for FREE: https://thenewamerican.com/biden-urges-americans-to-get-covid-vaccine-as-we-reach-100-million-shots-in-58-days/

Evie Magazine: Nia Renée Hill Doesn’t Need Saving From A “Racist Marriage” (17th, March 2021)

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Sedona Journal of Emergence Web Bonus Content: The Gift of Uncertain Times (March 2021)

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American Thinker: How we do things in a “Neanderthal” state (8th March 2021)

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Witchology Magazine: The Internal Compass (Spring 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Refusing to Print Dr. Seuss Books Has Nothing to Do With Combating Racism (4th March, 2021)

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Witch Way Magazine: Madame Blavatsky & the Theosophical Society (1st Mar 2021)

Get a Copy: https://witch-way-magazine.myshopify.com/collections/digital-back-issues/products/march-2021-vol-70-witch-way-magazine-issue-digital-issue

Pagan Pages: Writing “The Magic of Nature” (1st Mar 2021)

FREE Read: https://paganpages.org/emagazine/2021/03/01/writing-the-magic-of-nature-by-author-jessica-marie-baumgartner/

American Thinker: Colleen Oefelein and Cancel Culture (6th, Feb 2021)

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Conscious Shift Magazine: The Voice Within (31st Jan. 2021)

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Evie Magazine: As a Mom, This Is How I Feel About Biden Allowing Trans Women Into Women’s Sports (27th Jan, 2021)

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New Spirit Journal: Awakening Our Inner-Voice (17th Jan, 2021)

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2020 Articles & Essays

Evie Magazine: The Harmful Impact of Sugar on the Female Body (15th Dec. 2020)

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Lit Reactor: Paying Respects to Ursula K. Le Guin: The Queen of Spec-Fic (21st October, 2020)

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Evie Magazine: Exposing The Zero Population Lie (16th Octiober, 2020)

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Lit Reactor: Happy Birthday to Richard Smyth: the Most Underrated Indie Author (14th Sept, 2020 / Literary Birthdays)

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Lit Reactor: “The Circus of Stolen Dreams” by Lorelei Savaryn (1st Sept, 2020 / Book Review)

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Lit Reactor: The Ancient Universal Truths of Confucius on What is Likely His Birthday (27th August, 2020 / Literary Birthdays)

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Lit Reactor: A Brilliant Birthday History for the Brilliant Alexandre Dumas (24th July, 2020 / Literary Birthdays)

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Mothers Always Write: Leading Through Kindness (10th July, 2020 / Parenting)

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Witch Way Magazine: Garden Sigil (July 2020 Issue / Pagan, Spiritual Nonfiction)

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Lit Reactor: Be Free on George Orwell’s Birthday (25th June, 2020 / Literary Birthdays)

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Woods Reader: A Hiking Life (Summer 2020 Vol. 3 Issue 1 / Nature, Outdoors)

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Lit Reactor: Patrick Dennis’s Birthday Banquet (May 18th, 2020 / Literary Birthdays)

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Lit Reactor: Celebrating the Woman who Would Become Maya Angelou, on Her Birthday (Apr. 4th, 2020 / Literary Birthdays)
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Lit Reactor: Read Across America to Celebrate Literacy and Dr. Seuss  (March 2nd, 2020 / Literary Birthdays)

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Light of Consciousness: Meditations For Managing Mental Illness (March 1st, 2020 / Self-Help)

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2019 Articles & Essays

Lit Reactor: 10 Wintery Yule Books for the Solstice (Dec 19th, 2019 / Book Recommendations)

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Lit Reactor: What Does Ann Patchett Have in Common with Britney Spears? (Dec 2nd, 2019 / Literary Birthdays)

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Lit Reactor: Have You Wished Ishmael Beah a Happy Birthday Today? (Nov 22nd, 2019 / Literary Birthdays)

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Breastfeeding Today: I Love My Job but Hate Leaving My Kids (Oct 24th, 2019 / Parenting)

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Lit Reactor: Dyslexic Author is my Favorite Oxymoron (Oct. 23rd, 2019 / Writing Craft)

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Conscious Shift Magazine: Coming Together to Heal the World (Oct 14th, 2019 / Environmentalism)

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Lit Reactor: A Goosebumpy Celebration of R.L. Stine (Oct 8th, 2019 / Literary Birthdays)

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Lit Reactor: Storytelling: This Ain’t Church (Oct 2nd, 2019 / Writing Tips)

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Lit Reactor: Be Childish Because It’s Robert McCloskey’s Birthday (Sept 13th, 2019 / Literary Birthdays-Children’s Author Article)

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New Spirit Journal: It’s Time to Appeal to a Broader Audience (September 1st, 2019 / Environmentalism)

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Lit Reactor: The Power of Ray Bradbury’s Stories (August 22nd, 2019 / Literary Birthdays-Short Story Writing Article)

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Lit Reactor: Stop Being lazy and Write Different Types of Characters (August 5th, 2019 / Writing Tips)

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Withchology Mag (Wild Goddess Magick): 4 Meditations to Manage Mental Illness (August 2019 / Spiritual Nonfiction)

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Lit Reactor: So You Want to Write Women (July 2nd, 2019 / Writing Tips)

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Buddy Lit Zine: Cut From The Same Cloth (June 17, 2019 / Narrative Non-Fiction)

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The St. Louis Post Dispatch: A Blues Community (June 14, 2019 / Non-Fiction Op-ed)

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Asinine Media: Perception of Intention (April 2019 / Non-Fiction Editorial)

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2018 Articles & Essays

Mothers Always Write: Patience with Poop (Nov 2018 / Non-Fiction, Parenting)

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The RAC Magazine: What Does it Mean? (Nov 2018 / Nonfiction Poetry)

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