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Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Magic of Christmas, “Sweet Gift.”

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Homeschooling on a Budget (2nd Aug, 2022 /Parenting, Education)

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The Magic of Nature: Meditations & Spells to Find Your Inner Voice (8th May, 2021 / Spiritual Nonfiction)

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Walk Your Path: A Magical Awakening (4th, Feb 2020 / Spiritual Nonfiction Memoir)

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Father and I: A Toast To Fatherhood–Paternal Admiration (19th June, 2020 / Nonfiction Poetry)

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Magic of Motivational Poetry and Quotes (Nov. 21, 2020 / Nonfiction Poetry)

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It’s Alive: Bringing Your Nightmares to Life (Dec 14th 2018 / Non-Fiction)

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My Wandering Uterus: Freedom of Voice (March 2018 / Women’s Travel)

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Teachers, “English Escape” (April 2017 / Memoir, Inspiration)

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2022 Articles & Essays

American Thinker: How Can Teachers Expect to Regain Support from Parents? (17th Sept, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2022/09/how_can_teachers_expect_to_regain_support_from_parents.html

Foundation for Economic Education: Public Schools Are Spending Money Like Crazy, Despite Sharp Enrollment Declines (11th Sept, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://fee.org/articles/public-schools-are-spending-money-like-crazy-despite-sharp-enrollment-declines/

American Thinker: Why independent news is more trustworthy than the corrupted mainstream (26th Aug, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2022/08/why_independent_news_is_more_trustworthy_than_the_corrupted_mainstream.html

The Vermont Daily Chronicle: As public schools indoctrinate, homeschooling has led to success for generations (12th Aug, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://vermontdailychronicle.com/baumgartner-as-public-schools-indoctrinate-homeschooling-has-led-to-success-for-generations/

Edge of Humanity Magazine: Healing and Faith Through Homebirthing (23rd Jul, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://edgeofhumanity.com/2022/07/23/healing-and-faith-through-homebirthing/

Witch Way 2022 Printed Edition Vol 2: Swimming Meditations to Relax (July 2022)

Get a Copy: https://witch-way-magazine.myshopify.com/collections/printed-items/products/witch-way-magazine-2022-witch-today-vol-2-printed

American Thinker: Homeschooling as a Safe Haven (15th Jul, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2022/07/homeschooling_as_a_safe_haven.html

Witch Way Magazine: Kitchen Lemon Healing magic (July 2022 Issue)

The Federalist: Consider This Your Sign To Start Homeschooling Your Kids (5th Jul, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://thefederalist.com/2022/07/05/consider-this-your-sign-to-start-homeschooling-your-kids/

The Conservative New Mexican: Homeschoolers Aren’t Quitters (3rd Jul, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://theconservativenewmexican.com/2022/07/03/homeschoolers-arent-quitters/

The American Spectator: Parents, Take the Homeschooling Challenge This Summer (1st Jul, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://spectator.org/homeschooling-summer-challenge/

The Conservative Woman: The planet needs more children, not fewer (8th Jun, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/the-planet-needs-more-children-not-fewer/

Missouri Conservationist: Poison Ivy (June 2022 Issue)

Read for FREE: https://mdc.mo.gov/magazines/missouri-conservationist/2022-06/poison-ivy

The American Spectator: The Dangerous ‘Disinformation’ Smear (10th May, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://spectator.org/biden-disinformation-board/

American Thinker: Many children’s activities were killed by COVID restrictions (8th May, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2022/05/many_childrens_activities_were_killed_by_covid_restrictions_.html

Evie Magazine: ‘Second Child Syndrome’ Destroyed My First Marriage. Here’s What I’m Doing Differently This Time Around (7th May, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/second-child-syndrome-destroyed-my-first-marriage

Go 2 Tutors: School Let A Young Student Transition Without Parents Knowing (3rd May, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/florida-mom-outraged-at-transition/

Go 2 Tutors: 4-Year-Olds Get Handbook Telling Them To Identify Racist Family Members (3rd May, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/fistbook-teaches-students-divisive-concepts/

Evie Magazine: No, You’re Not Imagining It, Breastfeeding Really Is A Full-Time Job (3rd May, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/no-youre-not-imagining-it-breastfeeding-really-is-a-full-time-job

Go 2 Tutors: New Mexico’s Child Care Funding Is Largest In The Nation, And It Just Became Higher (2nd May, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/child-care-funding-new-mexico/

Go 2 Tutors: Are These States Using COVID Relief Funds To Push CRT In Schools? (2nd May, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/covid-relief-funds-crt/

Witch Way Magazine: Blessing Beltane Flowers for Good Fortune (May 2022 Issue)

Get A Copy: https://witch-way-magazine.myshopify.com/collections/digital-back-issues/products/may-2022-vol-84-witch-way-magazine-issue-digital-issue

Evie Magazine: How To Support A Partner Who Has Been Abused (30th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/how-to-support-a-partner-who-has-been-abused

Go 2 Tutors: Massachusetts Says Kids Uncomfortable Sharing A Bathroom With Transgenders Need Counseling (29th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/massachusetts-doe-transgender-policy/

Go 2 Tutors: School Board Member Under Fire After Posting Link To Porn Site (29th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/school-board-member-porn/

Evie Magazine: The Unpopular Truth About Kermit Gosnell: The Serial Killer Who Used Abortion To Murder (29th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/the-unpopular-truth-kermit-gosnell-the-serial-killer-who-used-abortion-murder

Go 2 Tutors: This State Just Announced Free College For All High School Graduates (28th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/free-college-through-vermont-foundation/

Go 2 Tutors: “See This School District’s Peculiar Idea To Curb Guns In Schools (28th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/firearms-detection-dogs-in-schools/

Evie Magazine: What The Organization Birthright Really Does And Why It’s Good For All Women (28th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/what-the-organization-birthright-really-does-and-why-its-good-for-all-women

Go 2 Tutors: High School Bans LGBTQ Safe Space Signs (27th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/high-school-bans-lgbtq-stickers/

Go 2 Tutors: Schools That Stayed Remote Longer Faced Steepest Enrollment Declines (27th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/remote-learning-schools-enrollment-declined/

Go 2 Tutors: Supreme Court Rejects Move To Block Race-Based Admission Policy At Top School (26th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/race-based-admissions-policy/

Go 2 Tutors: Governor Signs Bill Enforcing Strict Penalties Against Schools That Ignore Transgender Sport Bans (26th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/tennessee-transgender-sports-stricter-penalties/

Go 2 Tutors: Teachers Put On Leave For Fake Vaccination Cards (25th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/fake-teacher-vaccination-cards/

Go 2 Tutors: Is This High School Bypassing State Law To Teach CRT In Schools? (25th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/texas-high-school-crt-laws/

Go 2 Tutors: How One School District Was Able To Boost Student Literacy This Year (22nd Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/reading-program-boosts-student-literacy/

Go 2 Tutors: Obama Relatives Sue School Alleging Racism (20th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/obama-relatives-sue-school/

Go 2 Tutors: Disney In More Trouble After Opposing Florida Law Prohibiting Schools From Sexualizing 1st Graders (20th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/disney-trouble-opposing-florida-law/

Go 2 Tutors: Opinion: I Was A Homeless Teen And I Don’t Support Free Money Programs For Students In Need (20th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/homeless-teen-free-money/

Go 2 Tutors: Toddlers Hospitalized After Eating THC-Laced Snack From Daycare (19th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/toddlers-given-thc-laced-goldfish/

Go 2 Tutors: Professor Thinks Children Are Partially To Blame In Abuse Cases (19th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/proffessor-blames-children-sexual-predators/

Go 2 Tutors: Intruder Enters School And Fatally Stabs Student (19th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/intruder-takes-life-student-stabbing/

Go 2 Tutors: How Many Hours A Week Do Teachers Typically Work (18th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/average-teacher-work-week/

Go 2 Tutors: Teacher Charged After Broadcasting Porn To Students (18th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/teacher-charged-after-broadcasting-porn/

Go 2 Tutors: NYC Expands And Revamps Gifted And Talented Program (18th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/nyc-revamps-gifted-talented-program/

Evie Magazine: Sarcasm Has No Place In A Marriage (16th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/sarcasm-has-no-place-in-a-marriage

Go 2 Tutors: See New Mexico’s New Controversial Education Standards (15th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/revamped-new-mexico-education-standards/

Go 2 Tutors: Department Of Education To Award Grants Based on Equity Moving Forward (15th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/department-of-education-equity-grants/

American Thinker: Pro-Choice Activists Know that Their Movement is Wrong (15th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2022/04/prochoice_activists_know_that_their_movement_is_wrong.html

Go 2 Tutors: Homeschooling Still On The Rise Despite Public Schools Reopening (14th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/homeschooling-still-on-the-rise/

Go 2 Tutors: Indiana Schools Are Giving Parents Vouchers, But Not For School Choice (14th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/indiana-giving-parents-tutoring-vouchers/

Evie Magazine: 10 Things People In Successful Marriages Do After Becoming Parents (14th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/10-things-people-in-successful-marriages-do-after-becoming-parents

Go 2 Tutors: Education Commissioner Apologizes For Racist Joke (13th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/education-commissioner-racist-joke/

Go 2 Tutors: Governor Vetoes School Budget, Says It Needs More Funding (13th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/governor-vetoes-education-funding/

Evie Magazine: 11 Life-Changing Benefits Of Hugs (13th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/11-life-changing-benefits-of-hugs

Go 2 Tutors: Professor Punished For Refusing To Grade Students Based On Race (12th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/professor-wont-grade-students-race/

Go 2 Tutors: University To Hold Racially Segregated Events (12th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/indiana-christian-university-segregation/

Evie Magazine: Marriage And Motherhood Aren’t A Loss Of Identity, But A New Expression Of Yourself (12th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/marriage-and-motherhood-arent-a-loss-of-identity-but-a-new-expression-of

Go 2 Tutors: Kids In These States Will Have Much Longer School Days Next Year (11th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/longer-school-days-time-collaborative/

Go 2 Tutors: Whistleblower Says College Made Fake Jobs To Improve Rankings (11th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/college-whistleblower-fake-job-claims/

Evie Magazine: Many New Moms Have Strong Irrational Fears About Their Newborn Babies. Here’s Why (11th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/many-new-moms-have-strong-irrational-fears-about-newborn-babies-heres-why

Go 2 Tutors: Professor Convicted For Hiding Ties To China (8th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/professor-ties-to-china/

Go 2 Tutors: Senator Wants To Give Low-Income Seniors No-Strings-Attached Checks (8th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/checks-for-high-school-seniors/

Go 2 Tutors: Joe Rogan Slams His 9-Year-Old’s School For Teaching Anti-Racism (7th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/joe-rogan-daughters-education/

Go 2 Tutors: Teachers Threaten To Go Remote After School Shooting (7th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/erie-school-shooting-teachers-remote/

Go 2 Tutors: College Building Being Renamed For Dr. Fauci (6th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/college-building-dr-fauci/

Go 2 Tutors: Students Accused Of Waterboarding In Hazing Incident At A Military School (6th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/military-school-investigates-waterboarding/

Go 2 Tutors: One State Looking To Make Major Change To How Teachers Are Paid (5th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/north-carolina-teachers-pay-change/

Go 2 Tutors: Minnesota Democrats Want $1.15B More For Public Education (5th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/minnesota-democrats-push-education-funding/

Go 2 Tutors: Are Schools Putting Litter Boxes In Bathrooms For Furries? (4th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/school-bathrooms-accommodate-furries/

Go 2 Tutors: NYC Extends Mask Mandate For Children Under 5 (4th Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/nyc-extends-mask-mandate-for-children-under-5/

Go 2 Tutors: Judge Removes 5 School Board Members Over Mask Mandates (1st Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/judge-removes-school-board-members/

Go 2 Tutors: Philadelphia School Ditches President’s Name (1st Apr, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/philadelphia-school-ditches-presidents-name/

Go 2 Tutors: Data Breach Exposes Nearly A Million Student’s Personal Data (31st Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/data-breach-exposes-students/

Go 2 Tutors: Opinion: Why I Support States Banning Transgender Athletes (31st Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/opinion-banning-transgender-athletes/

Go 2 Tutors: State Lawmakers Push For Stricter Penalties In Pre-Existing Transgender Athlete Ban (31st Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/tennessee-republicans-transgender-laws/

Evie Magazine: Men Are No Longer Lovers Or Fighters, So What Are They (31st Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/men-are-no-longer-lovers-or-fighters-so-what-are-they

Go 2 Tutors: See A Florida Teacher Vow To Keep Hiding Student Info From Parents, Violating Law (30th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/teacher-violates-florida-law/

Go 2 Tutors: Transgender Sports Banned In Utah Despite Governor’s Veto (30th Mar, 2022)

Read For FREE: https://go2tutors.com/utah-bans-transgender-sports/

Evie Magazine: I Never Wanted Kids Or Planned To Become A Mother—Here’s What Made Me Change My Mind (30th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/i-never-wanted-kids-planned-to-become-mother-heres-what-made-me-change-mind

Evie Magazine: Make Sure Your Man Never Feels Taken For Granted By Doing These 3 Things (29th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/make-sure-your-man-never-feels-taken-for-granted-by-doing-these-3-things

Go 2 Tutors: Colleges Across The Nation Raising Tuition For Next Year (29th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/tuition-increase-nationwide/

Go 2 Tutors: Harvard Cancels Black Professor For Exposing Unrealistic Woke Beliefs (29th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/harvard-professor-cancelled

Evie Magazine: Is Comparing Porn To Romcoms Really Honest? (28th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/is-comparing-porn-to-romcoms-really-honest

Go 2 Tutors: See the School District Claimed To Be Worst Parental Rights Violator (28th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/worst-school-for-parental-rights

Go 2 Tutors: See Alaska’s Proposed Curriculum Transparency Law (24th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/alaska-curriculum-transparency

Go 2 Tutors: Public School Teachers 100 Times More Likely To Abuse Kids Than Catholic Priests (24th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/teachers-more-likely-abuse-kids/

Evie Magazine: Should You Take Your Husband’s Last Name When You Get Married? (24th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/should-you-take-your-husbands-last-name-when-you-get-married

Go 2 Tutors: City Mayor Begs State Board Not To Take Over Struggling Schools (23rd Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/boston-public-school-receivership

Go 2 Tutors: Yale Defends Students Who Tried To Fight A Conservative For Debating (23rd Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/yale-law-school-threats

Go 2 Tutors: Financial Literacy Now Required To Graduate High School In One State (23rd Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/financial-literacy-class-required

Go 2 Tutors: Washington Adopts Race Dependent Discipline For Schools (22nd Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/school-discipline-policy-racist

Go 2 Tutors: Middle School Counselors Placed On Leave After Posting F U Video (22nd Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/middle-school-counselors-fu-video

Go 2 Tutors: State Bill To Address Workforce Shortage With Student Work Programs (22nd Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/state-bill-student-work-programs

Go 2 Tutors: Extreme Political Agenda Of World’s Largest Textbook Company Revealed (21st Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/textbook-company-political-agenda

Go 2 Tutors: See Washington’s 2021 Public School Test Scores, They’re A Disaster (21st Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/washington-test-scores

Go 2 Tutors: Another Teachers Union Abandons Students And Shuts Down Schools (21st Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/teachers-union-strike-school-shutdown

Evie Magazine: 27 Quirky Compromises Our Married Readers Have Made For Marital Bliss (21st Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/27-quirky-compromises-our-married-readers-have-made-for-marital-bliss

Go 2 Tutors: Schools Beg For More Money, Yet Don’t Know How To Spend Federal Relief Funds (18th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/spending-school-covid-relief-funds/

Go 2 Tutors: Emotional Disturbances Are Now Emotional Disabilities (18th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/emotional-disturbances-emotional-disabilities/

Go 2 Tutors: One State Is Eliminating College Requirements And Promoting Success Without Degrees (18th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/state-jobs-college-degree/

Evie Magazine: Don’t Believe The Myth Of “Having It All Together”—A Great Life Is Put Together Over Time (18th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/dont-believe-myth-having-it-all-together-great-life-put-together-over-time

Go 2 Tutors: Chicago Stops Teachers Union From Masking Kids (17th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/chicago-stops-teachers-union-masks/

Go 2 Tutors: See Missouri’s New Curriculum Transparency Bill (17th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/missouri-curriculum-transparency-bill/

Go 2 Tutors: One Mom’s Eclectic Homeschool Method Curriculum And How To Get Started (17th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/eclectic-homeschool/

Go 2 Tutors: Florida Ditches FSA Testing In Favor Of Progress Monitoring (16th Mar, 2022)

Read for Free: https://go2tutors.com/florida-fsa-testing/

Go 2 Tutors: Many Public Schools Dropping To 4 Days A Week In 2022-2023 (16th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://go2tutors.com/public-school-4-day-week/

Evie Magazine: Putting More Realistic Birth Experiences In Movies Would Help Women Be Less Afraid Of Giving Birth (16th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/putting-more-realistic-birth-experiences-movies-women-less-afraid-giving-birth

Evie Magazine: This Is What They Took From You: 17 Year Olds Have Never Known A Normal Teenage Life Thanks To Lockdowns (12th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/17-year-olds-have-never-known-normal-life-thanks-to-lockdowns

Evie Magazine: There’s Nothing Cult-Like About Doing Something That’s Natural For A Woman’s Body (11th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/theres-nothing-cult-like-doing-something-natural-for-womans-body

Evie Magazine: Dating Advice For Single Moms From Someone Who’s Been There (8th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/dating-advice-for-single-moms-from-someone-whos-been-there

Evie Magazine: What They Don’t Tell You About Getting Married In Your 30s Rather Than Your 20s (7th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/what-they-dont-tell-you-about-getting-married-in-your-30s-rather-than-30s

Evie Magazine: Pre-K Is Making Kids Less Likely To Succeed, More Likely To Be Diagnosed With ADHD (5th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/pre-k-is-making-kids-less-likely-to-succeed-more-likely-diagnosed-adhd

Evie Magazine: Rescuing Your Husband Won’t Save Your Marriage (4th Mar, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/rescuing-your-husband-wont-save-your-marriage

Evie Magazine: Children Are Most At-Risk To Toxic Chemicals In At-Home Covid Test Kits (4th March, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/children-are-most-at-risk-to-toxic-chemicals-in-at-home-covid-test-kits

The Federalist: What I Saw When I Met The U.S. Truckers’ Convoy In Missouri (3rd March, 20220)

Read for FREE: https://thefederalist.com/2022/03/03/what-i-saw-when-i-met-the-u-s-truckers-convoy-in-missouri/

Evie Magazine: Ally Building: What To Do When Family Wants You To Pick A Side (24th Feb, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/ally-building-what-to-do-when-family-wants-you-to-pick-a-side

Evie Magazine: It’s Been 10 Years Since Whitney Houston Died. A New Book Is Revealing The Truth About Her Career And Tragic Death (18th Feb, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/its-been-10-years-since-whitney-houston-died-a-new-book-is-revealing-the

Evie Magazine: Why Wearing Dresses Might Actually Be Better For Your Health (18th Feb, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/why-wearing-dresses-might-actually-be-better-for-your-health

Evie Magazine: Four Telltale Signs (That Aren’t About Love) That Prove He’s A Good Man (18th Feb, 2022)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/four-telltale-signs-that-arent-about-love-that-prove-hes-a-good-man

Evie Magazine: How Women Can Influence Their Husbands Positively (15th Feb, 20220)

Read for FREE: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/how-women-can-influence-their-husbands-positively

Evie Magazine: Why You Need To Accept Your Husband’s Influence (14th Feb, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: This One Thing Is The Biggest Predictor Of Divorce (4th Feb, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: The Butterbox Babies: The Stolen Babies Of Nova Scotia (2nd Feb, 2022

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Evie Magazine: Finding Someone Who Loves Like You Do Will Help Your Relationship Succeed (2nd Feb, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: How Marriage Changes After Children (28th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Crisis Nurseries Need More Support To Prevent Infant Abandonment And Death (26th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Moms Are Still Having Their Newborn Babies Separated From Them Because Of Covid (25th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Hollywood, The Media, And Public Education Have Been Grooming Us For Years (21st Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: The Life-Altering Side Effect Women Need To Know About Before Getting A Hysterectomy (20th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Americans Are Sacrificing Kids To Protect Adults, And It Has To Stop (15th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Some Prenatal Genetic Tests For Rare Disorders Are Wrong Up To 90% Of The Time (14th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Why Are We Diagnosing Little Boys With A “Problem,” Just Because They Develop Differently Than Girls? (13th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Helping My Mom Through Cancer Healed Our Traumatic Relationship (10th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: The Sex Talk Every Mother Needs To Have With Her Son (And It’s Not The One You’re Thinking Of) (6th Jan, 2022)

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Evie Magazine: Honoring Betty White: Our Favorite Golden Girl (3rd Jan, 2022)

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2021 Articles & Essays

Evie Magazine: Witty Comebacks For Those Rude Questions You Get Asked At Parties (20th Dec, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: How To Navigate Your Work Holiday Party With Class (13th Dec, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: You’re Never Going To Feel ready To Be An “Adult” (10th Dec, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: The Testimonies Of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Alleged Victims (9th Dec, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: 7 Types Of Mothers-In-Law And How To Handle Them (7th Dec, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: There’s Still Hope: These Celebrity Moms Had Babies In Their 40s (6th Dec, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Is Your Phone Getting In The Way Of Your Relationship? (29th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: James Van Der Beek And Wife Welcome Baby #6 After Tragic Loss (24th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: How To Handle Covid Drama With Family This Holiday Season (22nd Nov, 2021)

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American Thinker: Our culture errs badly by erasing Thanksgiving (20th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: A College Professor Is Fighting To Rebrand Pedophiles As ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ (18th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: How To Lean Into Your Feminine Leadership Skills (17th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: 10 Better Responses Than Just Saying “I’m Fine” (10th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: The Overdiagnosis Of ADHD Is Covering Up Trauma And Bad School Policies (9th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Are You Missing Your Husband’s Bids? (8th Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Facebook And Google Pay For Their Female Employees To Freeze Their Eggs (2nd Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Should Men Really Ask To Kiss Women? (1st Nov, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ Already Has Bad*ss Female Characters (29th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Why Is The Internet Stunned 15-Year-Old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Would Wear A Dress? (28th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: The REAL Reason Men Love Harley Quinn (25th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Donating Breast Milk Is A Priceless Gift (21st Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: iCarly Actress Jennette McCurdy Reveals Her Mother Was Abusive, “Obsessed With Making Me A Star” (20th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: The White House Is Aiming Covid-19 Vaccine Coercion At Children (14th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: What Women Need To Understand About Men In Order To Fight Effectively (12th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Deepfakes Are The Latest Digital Threat To Women (11th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Why Drafting Women Into The Military Will Be A Mistake (8th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Babies Are Being Born Full Of Microplastics (7th Oct, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: The Hallmark Channel is Super Mom-Friendly And We Love It (6th Oct, 2021)

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Silent No More: Hid my True Feelings and Cried in Private (Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: The Untold Story of Aaliyah’s Abuse (28th Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Facebook Knows Instagram Is Harmful To Young Women But Doesn’t Care (27th Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Parents Group Demands Netflix Be Investigated For “Child Pornography” (23rd Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Uma Thurman Opens Up About Her Abortion As A Teenager, Calls It Her “Darkest Secret” (22nd Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: New Studies Will Investigate The Link Between Covid-19 Vaccines And Irregular Periods (18th Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Homeschool Moms Deserve The Same Respect As Teachers (16th Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Why Small Weddings Are Making A Big Impression (15th Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Rose McGowan Alleges Gavin Newsom’s Ties To Harvey Weinstein (14th Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: How To Avoid Dead End Relationships (14th Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Transwoman Facing Charges For Flashing Women At California Spa Is A Registered Sex Offender (3rd Sept. 2021)

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St. Louis Post Dispatch: When does a proxy war become a civil war? (2nd Sept, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: The Harsh Reality of Waiting to Have Kids (27th Aug, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: St. Louis Welcomes Afghan Refugees (23rd Aug, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: St. Louis Homeschool Pioneer Details Her Journey Through Teaching (17th Aug, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: What The Fall Of Afghanistan Means For Girls And Women In The Middle East (17th Aug, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Missouri Celebrates Its Bicentennial With Governor Mike Parson (10th Aug, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: What You Should Know About HPV Before You Or Your Daughter Get The Vaccine (6th Aug, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Missouri Parents Censored Online for Opposing Mask Mandates in School (4th Aug, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: St. Louis Municipalities Refuse to Enforce Reinstated Mask Mandates (27th July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Missouri Governor Launches ‘MO VIP’ Lottery Program That Pays People to Get Vaccinated (26th July, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Germany’s Gymnasts Unveil Unitards At The Olympics To Protest Sexualization In The Sport (26th July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Doctor Calls Out Fauci’s ‘Vaccine Frenzy’ After He Slammed Missouri for Low Vaccination Rates (23rd July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Back the Blue Efforts Gain More Support in Missouri Legislature (19th July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: As Politics Dominate Mainstream Culture, Country Music Fans Turn to Branson, Missouri for Traditional Songs (17th July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Missouri Creates Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program to Offer School Choice (15th July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Homesteading Is Gaining Popularity: A Practice That Is Deeply Rooted in the Missouri Ozarks (13th July, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Everything You Need To Know About Homebirthing From Someone Who’s Done It Four Times (13th July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Nurse Blows the Whistle on the Medical Industry: ‘They’re Not Offering Informed Consent’ (9th July, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: I Got An Abortion at 17: Here’s My Story (9th July, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Homeowners in Missouri are Selling Fast, Reflecting US Market Trends (7th July, 2020)

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The Epoch Times: Fair St. Louis Resumes as 4th of July Celebrations Make a Comeback Across the Nation (3rd July, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: What We Can Learn About Femininity From Mary Tyler Moore, The Original Boss Babe (30th June, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Family Farmers Struggling to Keep Up With Demand in Missouri (28th June, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Mark McCloskey Opens Up to The Epoch Times: ‘The Power Resides in the People’ (23rd June, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Missouri Grocer Combating Inflation as the Nation Buckles Down (22nd June, 2021)

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American Thinker: Why Leftists Think American is a Failed Experiment (16th June, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Missouri Firearms Dealer Spotlighted with Signing of ‘Second Amendment Preservation Act’ (14th June, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: St. Louis University Is the Latest College to Require COVID-19 Vaccines for Fall Semester (12th June, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: How I Learned To Love My Body Without Falling For Media Hypes (12th June, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: In-Person Visits Resume Only for Vaccinated Missouri Prisoners (9th June, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Missouri Courts Ending COVID-19 Procedures (7th Jun, 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Cancel Culture Attacks Ellie Kemper and the St. Louis Veiled Prophets by Ignoring the Details (3rd June, 2021)

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Witchology Magazine: Discretion Without Being Closeted (1st June, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Studies Show That Women Are More Vulnerable To Adverse Covid-19 Vaccine Reactions (29th May, 2021)

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American Thinker: Cancer Death Rates Are Up Because of COVID Protocols (28th May, 2021)

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The New American: University of Virginia Requiring Students to Get COVID-19 Vaccine (27th May, 2021)

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AspireMag: Simple Techniques for Embracing the Magic of Nature (20th May, 2021)

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American Thinker: Why You Need to Read Josh Hawley’s “The Tyranny of Big Tech” (19th May, 2021)

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The New American: DeSantis to Pardon Floridians Charged With Breaking Mask Mandates (13th May, 2021)

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American Thinker: The Bias of Disney’s ‘Woke’ Job Training (12th May, 2021)

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Llewellyn Worldwide Articles: Quick Ways to Connect with Nature at Home (3rd May, 2021)

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The New American: Biden’s “American Families Plan” Is a Socialist Boondoggle (29th April, 2021)

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The New American: Joe Biden’s Hard Leftist Agenda Is Being Called “Moderate Radicalism” (29th April, 2021)

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The New American: Americans Who Get COVID Vaccine May Travel to EU This Summer (26th April, 2021)

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The New American: Mothers Separated From Newborn Babies Due to COVID-19 (23rd April, 2021)

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The New American: People Testing Positive for COVID-19 AFTER Getting the Vaccine (21 April, 2021)

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The New American: All American Adults Now Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine; Many Still Skeptical (21st April, 20201)

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Evie Magazine:The Push To “Raise Boys Right” Implies That Men Need To Be Fixed (20th April, 2021)

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The New American: “No Vaccine = No Entry” for Buffalo Bills Fans (14th April, 2021)

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The New American: Biden’s “American Jobs Plan” Will Bring Big Government to Small Businesses (14th April 2021)

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The New American: White House Downplays Inflation While Cryptocurrency Offers Alternatives (12th April, 2021)

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American Thinker: The Backlash Against Socialism: North Las Vegas Mayor Switches Political Parties (9th April, 2021)

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The New American: BLM Activists Storm Iowa Capitol Building, Mainstream Media Silent (8th April, 2021)

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The New American: North Las Vegas Mayor Switches Political Parties (7th April, 2021)

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The New American: Apple’s Vaccine Passport Is Launching as States Disagree on Travel Requirements (7th April, 2021)

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American Thinker: Portland Wokies Target Trees for Racism (4/6/2021)

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The Gonzo Press: Too Comfortable? (Issue #2 pg 39)

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The New American: Wisconsin Supreme Court Overturns State Mask Mandate, but County and City Mandates Still Hold (31st Mar, 2021)

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American Thinker: If the vaccine works, why continue excessive safety protocols? (31st Mar, 2021)

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The New American: New York Becomes First State to Implement Vaccine Pass as Biden Admin Working on National Version (29th Mar, 2021)

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The New American: Irresponsible Immigration Policies Led to Drowning of Nine-year-old Girl (29th Mar, 2021)

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The New American: Biden’s New Goal: 200 Million Vaccinated in 100 Days (26th Mar, 2021)

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The New American: Mike Lindell’s Upcoming Free-speech Social-media Site Is Unveiled (24th Mar, 2021)

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American Thinker: The Pandemic, Mental Health, and Addiction (24th Mar, 2021)

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The New American: Justice Department Considers Charging Oath Keepers for January 6 “Insurrection” (23rd Mar, 2021)

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The New American: Biden Urges Americans to Get COVID Vaccine as We Reach 100 Million Shots in 58 Days (19th Mar, 2021)

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Evie Magazine: Nia Renée Hill Doesn’t Need Saving From A “Racist Marriage” (17th, March 2021)

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Sedona Journal of Emergence Web Bonus Content: The Gift of Uncertain Times (March 2021)

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American Thinker: How we do things in a “Neanderthal” state (8th March 2021)

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Witchology Magazine: The Internal Compass (Spring 2021)

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The Epoch Times: Refusing to Print Dr. Seuss Books Has Nothing to Do With Combating Racism (4th March, 2021)

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Witch Way Magazine: Madame Blavatsky & the Theosophical Society (1st Mar 2021)

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Pagan Pages: Writing “The Magic of Nature” (1st Mar 2021)

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American Thinker: Colleen Oefelein and Cancel Culture (6th, Feb 2021)

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Conscious Shift Magazine: The Voice Within (31st Jan. 2021)

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Evie Magazine: As a Mom, This Is How I Feel About Biden Allowing Trans Women Into Women’s Sports (27th Jan, 2021)

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New Spirit Journal: Awakening Our Inner-Voice (17th Jan, 2021)

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2020 Articles & Essays

Evie Magazine: The Harmful Impact of Sugar on the Female Body (15th Dec. 2020)

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Lit Reactor: Paying Respects to Ursula K. Le Guin: The Queen of Spec-Fic (21st October, 2020)

FREE Read: https://litreactor.com/columns/paying-respects-to-ursula-k-le-guin-the-queen-of-spec-fic

Evie Magazine: Exposing The Zero Population Lie (16th Octiober, 2020)

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Lit Reactor: Happy Birthday to Richard Smyth: the Most Underrated Indie Author (14th Sept, 2020 / Literary Birthdays)

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Lit Reactor: “The Circus of Stolen Dreams” by Lorelei Savaryn (1st Sept, 2020 / Book Review)

Read for FREE: https://litreactor.com/reviews/review-the-circus-of-stolen-dreams-by-lorelei-savaryn

Lit Reactor: The Ancient Universal Truths of Confucius on What is Likely His Birthday (27th August, 2020 / Literary Birthdays)

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Lit Reactor: A Brilliant Birthday History for the Brilliant Alexandre Dumas (24th July, 2020 / Literary Birthdays)

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Mothers Always Write: Leading Through Kindness (10th July, 2020 / Parenting)

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Witch Way Magazine: Garden Sigil (July 2020 Issue / Pagan, Spiritual Nonfiction)

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Lit Reactor: Be Free on George Orwell’s Birthday (25th June, 2020 / Literary Birthdays)

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Woods Reader: A Hiking Life (Summer 2020 Vol. 3 Issue 1 / Nature, Outdoors)

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Lit Reactor: Patrick Dennis’s Birthday Banquet (May 18th, 2020 / Literary Birthdays)

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Lit Reactor: Celebrating the Woman who Would Become Maya Angelou, on Her Birthday (Apr. 4th, 2020 / Literary Birthdays)
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Lit Reactor: Read Across America to Celebrate Literacy and Dr. Seuss  (March 2nd, 2020 / Literary Birthdays)

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Light of Consciousness: Meditations For Managing Mental Illness (March 1st, 2020 / Self-Help)

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2019 Articles & Essays

Lit Reactor: 10 Wintery Yule Books for the Solstice (Dec 19th, 2019 / Book Recommendations)

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Lit Reactor: What Does Ann Patchett Have in Common with Britney Spears? (Dec 2nd, 2019 / Literary Birthdays)

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Lit Reactor: Have You Wished Ishmael Beah a Happy Birthday Today? (Nov 22nd, 2019 / Literary Birthdays)

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Breastfeeding Today: I Love My Job but Hate Leaving My Kids (Oct 24th, 2019 / Parenting)

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Lit Reactor: Dyslexic Author is my Favorite Oxymoron (Oct. 23rd, 2019 / Writing Craft)

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Conscious Shift Magazine: Coming Together to Heal the World (Oct 14th, 2019 / Environmentalism)

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Lit Reactor: A Goosebumpy Celebration of R.L. Stine (Oct 8th, 2019 / Literary Birthdays)

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Lit Reactor: Storytelling: This Ain’t Church (Oct 2nd, 2019 / Writing Tips)

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Lit Reactor: Be Childish Because It’s Robert McCloskey’s Birthday (Sept 13th, 2019 / Literary Birthdays-Children’s Author Article)

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New Spirit Journal: It’s Time to Appeal to a Broader Audience (September 1st, 2019 / Environmentalism)

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Lit Reactor: The Power of Ray Bradbury’s Stories (August 22nd, 2019 / Literary Birthdays-Short Story Writing Article)

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Lit Reactor: Stop Being lazy and Write Different Types of Characters (August 5th, 2019 / Writing Tips)

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Withchology Mag (Wild Goddess Magick): 4 Meditations to Manage Mental Illness (August 2019 / Spiritual Nonfiction)

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Lit Reactor: So You Want to Write Women (July 2nd, 2019 / Writing Tips)

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Buddy Lit Zine: Cut From The Same Cloth (June 17, 2019 / Narrative Non-Fiction)

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The St. Louis Post Dispatch: A Blues Community (June 14, 2019 / Non-Fiction Op-ed)

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Asinine Media: Perception of Intention (April 2019 / Non-Fiction Editorial)

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2018 Articles & Essays

Mothers Always Write: Patience with Poop (Nov 2018 / Non-Fiction, Parenting)

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The RAC Magazine: What Does it Mean? (Nov 2018 / Nonfiction Poetry)

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