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Chapter 1-Worthy Woman Warrior:

Chapter 2-A Taste of Blood:

Chapter 3-Aethelwyn:

Chapter 4-Friendly Fight:

Chapter 5-At War:

Chapter 6-The Shifting World:

Chapter 7-Preparations:

Chapter 8-Journey of Necessity:

Chapter 9-Back to the Battlefield:

Chapter 10-The Story of Rennerce:

Chapter 11-A Fall:

Chapter 12-Right Hand Man:

Chapter 13-The Dungeon:

Chapter 14-In Captivity:

Chapter 15-Temptations:

Chapter 16-Betrayal:

Chapter 17-New Journey:

Chapter 18-A New Life:

Chapter 19-Settling In:

Chapter 20-A Choice:

Chapter 21-A Long Way:

Chapter 22-Winter:

Chapter 23-Insight:

Chapter 24-Returning Home:

Chapter 25-The Weight:

Chapter 26-A New Army:

Chapter 27-Finding A Way:

Chapter 28-A New Era:

Chapter 29-Understanding:

Chapter 30-The Zuthan Lands:

Chapter 31-Aiding the People:

Chapter 32-Compromise:

Chapter 33-Working Wonders:

Chapter 34-A Chieftess’ Home:

Chapter 35-A New Life:

Chapter 36-New Struggles:

Chapter 37-Reunited:

Chapter 38-Familiarity:

Chapter 39-A Weary Heart:

Chapter 40-Coming Together:

Chapter 41-Onward:

Chapter 42-A Reckoning:

Chapter 43-The Aftermath:

Chapter 44-Bitter Cold:

Chapter 45-New Hopes:

Chapter 46-Another Heart:

Chapter 47-Lost:

Chapter 48-A New Age: