Genre Bullshit

Someday I might wake up and decide, “gee I’m only going to write Cheesy Erotic Paranormal Incubis Romance for women ages 32-33,” but I doubt it.

I get that genres help readers to find what they’re looking for, once upon a time sub-genres didn’t even exist, unfortunately now we have sub-genres for sub-genres. It’s getting so mechanical that as a reader I miss the days of walking into my local bookstore and just finding books.

I guess I’m weird. I never cared if I read fantasy, biographies, books about the biological makeup of plants; I just loved to find something new. Something would catch my eye and I’d read the first page.

Those days seem to be gone.

I recently had a reviewer question my new release, By the Stars, because they couldn’t determine if it should be adult, new adult, or young adult. It’s about a mom who has to fend for her family, it is listed as adult, and is intended as an adult novella. But because the main character has trouble coping with leaving her home planet the reviewer fixated on the theme of leaving home. That’s apparently a huge young adult theme.

He seemed baffled at the thought that an adult character could have trouble coping with leaving their home planet in an adult novel. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I were leaving the Earth I’d have some pretty rough fucking issues. haha

The problem is, when I sit down to write, my hand moves so fast, I’m not fretting over what genre I’m writing, or if the story’s perfect. That’s what editing’s for. When my thoughts are firing off a tale, I’m wrapped up in the characters and their experiences.

Writers constantly hear, write what you want to read. This may not be the advice for me because I am not the average reader and I’m having to come to terms with that. I love all books. As long as I can relate to the characters, the story works, and it’s not poorly written, I’ll enjoy it.

The average reader has genre preferences. They buy books pushed by the big 5. They aren’t bookworms who read everything.

Maybe I’ll try and focus on a specific genre within a genre within a genre next time I start a new story. Maybe that will make my books more popular. Thing is, I’m coming to realize that catering to specific fads doesn’t do it for me. I don’t think I could ever do that.

It pisses me off that 50 Shades of Grey, a poorly written work of plagiarism, has sold millions of copies when Wild Ink, a brilliant work of literature that breathes with life, hasn’t. A lot of people wouldn’t understand the comparison though because one is trashy erotica while the other is Fiction.

How can you compare books of different genres?

I don’t know, maybe because I love reading and I understand that genres are just classifications. They are nothing more than shelving instructions.

Books are books to me. They fall into two categories, worth the read or not worth the read. Very seldom do I find crap that falls into the latter and it does take a lot for me to really love a book more than any other books. But for the most part I just want a good read, and good isn’t hard to find.

Maybe Good should be a genre. teehee

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