Things I like to do to a book other than read it #Reading #Writer

Ah yes, the love of books.



1. Fan its pages against my cheek. Quite pleasurable.

2. Sniff its pages. I admit I am a book sniffer.

3. Rub the corner of pages against my thumb and finger. I don’t turn over corners of pages like some do to remind where they are up to but I do fiddle with page corners a lot.

4. Hug it tightly and promise to never let it go! (Obviously when I finish it I will let it go but I don’t like to worry it at the start of our relationship)

5. Bend it over and watch its pages fan out. Probably not good for its spine but I do enjoy doing this.

6. Smooth out its first page a lot. There is something magical about a first page so I guess that’s why I like to smooth it a lot before I start reading.

7. Rub one of its…

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