DRUNK DEBATE: Plotter vs. Pantser

I am so in

Dan Alatorre

A while back, an author friend of mine and I were on Facebook chatting about being a plotter versus a pantser.

(This is the post I lost. Found it! Sorry about that Brazil nonsense.)

She was the pantser, of course because I tend to think about an outline for my story, putting together notes for a beginning, a middle, and an end, and get it all together before I start writing my story in any meaningful way. Pantsers, I believe, don’t do that.

As we chatted, we thought it would be interesting to do a “pros and cons” kind of point/ counterpoint blog posts on our respective blogs. She’d talk about pantsing on her blog and link to mine for the counterpoints, and I’d talk about plotting and link to hers for the rebuttal.

Fun, writer-style.

For some reason, that point counterpoint never happened, but it’s always been in…

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