Jessica’s motto is: Adventure first, then write! When not running around exploring nature, she chases multiple versions of herself and feeds animal babies. She is also the author of Walk Your Path, The Golden Rule, The Embracing Entropy Series, My Family Is Different and the highly anticipated upcoming Llewellyn release, The Magic of Nature. She works as a columnist for Witch Way Magazine, and is a current member of the Missouri Writer’s Guild & the SCBWI.

She loves writing all kinds of stories but focuses mainly on adult non-fiction and children’s. As a dyslexic Pagan, Jess loves all types of people, but also writes about spiritual issues and the fun of a brain that works differently.

Her writing has won:

2018 Bards & Sages Author of the Year Award

2018 3rd Place Missouri Writer’s Guild Children’s Book Award for, The Golden Rule

2018 3rd Place Missouri Writer’s Guild Short Story Award for, English Escape

2018 3rd Place Bards & Sages Short Fiction Award for, By the Stars

2018 Story of the Year Bards & Sages Award for, Gold Bands

2018 New Apple Award’s Best Spiritual Book of the year for, The Golden Rule

2017 New Apple Award’s Children’s Spiritual Ebook of the year for, The Golden Rule

2016 2nd place in the Summer Indie Book Awards for Best Sci-Fi Book, By the Stars

Publications that have featured Jessica Marie Baumgartner’s articles and stories: Magic of Motivational Poetry and Quotes, Evie Magazine, Father and I, Woods Reader, Witch Way Magazine, Light of Consciousness Magazine, Breastfeeding Today, New Spirit Journal, Alban Lake Publishing, Witchology Magazine, LitReactor, Buddy Lit Zine, The St. Louis Post DispatchKids Imagination Train Magazine, Mothers Always Write, It’s Alive: Bringing Your Nightmares to Life, Fantastic Tales of Terror: History’s Darkest Secrets, The RAC Magazine, Bards & Sages, Aurora Wolf, Spaceports & Spidersilk, My Wandering Uterus, Guardian Angel Kids Ezine, The Society of Misfit Stories, FrostFire Worlds, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Teachers, Outposts of Beyond, Everyday Fiction, The Lorelei Signal, Circle Magazine, Yellow Mama, The Horror Zine, The Witches’ Voice, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Bewildering Stories, Spirit One Magazine, Fiction on the Web, Jitter Press, Down in the Dirt Magazine, Beyond Imagination Literary Magazine, Postcard Shorts, Hellfire Crossroads, and Quantum Muse and The St. Louis Examiner (where she used to be a staff member).

You can contact and/or follower her at:

Email :  jessicamariebaumgartner@protonmail.com

Pintrist: https://www.pinterest.com/jessbaum23/

Tumblr: https://jessica-marie-baumgartner.tumblr.com/

Minds: https://www.minds.com/jessicamariebaumgartner/

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8558154.Jessica_Marie_Baumgartner

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00DT3RAF8