Professor Punished For Refusing To Grade Students Based On Race

This dude is an absolute Chad. haha I hope he wins his lawsuit. More people need to stand up to WOKE bullies. That’s all they are just loud mobs of illogical people who are doing more to damage their movements than further them.

And most schools, corporations, and politicians only understand 1 language: Litigation. Well, okay 2. Money and litigation, but they go hand in hand. Sue them for their preferential treatment of others based on physical characteristics, or breach of contract and so on, and see how fast they learn.

2 thoughts on “Professor Punished For Refusing To Grade Students Based On Race

  1. Content Catnip says:

    The students were justified in feeling angry and disempowered by the enormous issue of black people being killed wrongfully and illegally by police, but it’s got nothing to do with teaching though so I don’t really understand how they were even able to get a complaint like this very far and the teacher having to fend off such a ridiculous claim.

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