I Don’t Know What I was Expecting

The votes are in!




Have cast your ballots and decided that my New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to finally learn to skateboard.


Nearly 50 people voted and a whopping 44% of you want to see me skateboard, or fall off of one. haha


I’m slightly surprised that riding a unicycle didn’t get more love. It came in last with 26%, while mastering the pogo stick got a nice 30% of the vote.

I’m fond of the theory of a 3 party system so I’m going to try and do all 3, but first and foremost (as soon as I have the baby that’s currently kicking me in the uterus) I will FINALLY, finally, finally, get on a skateboard and probably fall.


But have no fear; I always get back up. And I will try again. No question on that.

Since my birthday is in August and I’m due in May, I’m going to ask everyone I know for a skateboard for my 35th birthday (yep, I will be the big 3-5), and if I’m really loved maybe a pogo stick and a unicycle will be gifted to me as well. haha


I’m slightly disappointed at 44% of you for choosing the easier of the 3, but then again I guess some of you don’t wish me to die on a unicycle. I promise if I DO die as a result of one of these activities I will make it as grand as possible. I’ll go out with a BANG!


There I go, joking about death again. My apologies to anyone who has a beef with the darkness. Death and I are old friends. I like to adventure while I can and will have a time of it this summer.


The best part of every new experience is the flood of story ideas and strange details that spark new pieces. Writing always comes out better after living a bit. Happy New Year and cheers to skateboards, pogo sticks, and unicycles.

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