An Author Marries an Illustrator

I could write until my eyeballs fall out. That might make for a fun Halloween trick, but I’d rather experience enough craziness in life to make sure I have something fun to write about. Wandering through the adventure of breathing every day and jumping into the unexpected has led me here.


Yep, I’m married! (again – but this time feels different…GOOD different haha)


We wrote our own vows and I didn’t forget to remind us both that: We met under the most ridiculous circumstances at the most inconvenient time.

You gotta love how life and love do that sometimes. And despite all the obstacles, smooth sailing has jetted forth. (well as smooth as the insanity of a writer’s life could be.)


Authors are fickle beasts. We often need space but also affection showered on us to help keep the self-doubties away. It’s not easy to deal with my brain. It’s hard enough for me and I’m in it. But my new hubsy gets it because he is an artist. He’s had a hell of a career in his time and I met him during a rough patch for both of us.


Offering encouragement and someone to lean on is a balance we share. His talents are far greater than he’ll admit, and he says I’m the same way.


I’ve worked with a few artists and loved all the work I’ve done with my previous illustrator Laura Winship-Fanaei. I’ll always keep a variety of ties. My latest finished children’s book is in the works and the options are abound at the moment. Beyond that, my new husband has agreed to illustrate the next project and already sketched out one the best images I’ve ever seen paired with my work.


Some people say to never work with family, some people swear by it. We are determined to give it a go and see where things flourish from there.

13 thoughts on “An Author Marries an Illustrator

  1. theresa Holm says:

    beautiful love story. i met my future hubby on a blind date set up by our massage therapist (who will now call matchmaker and witness at our elopement). whenever my hubby gives me grief (in the nice way cause we bicker as most oposite personalities do) remind him i was looking for a mate. he the one that ask our massage therapist if she knew of any single ladies. fell in love on our third date after we spent the first two unintentionally irritating each other. you two sound like a perfect fit!

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