Bad Taste

After trying to like the 1st Game of Thrones book, I determined not to watch the show. I found Martin’s writing to be forced, long winded, and redundant at times. We’re all critics, I could go on for days about why my writing sucks. So, I don’t fault people for enjoying things I do not appreciate.


But last night, I broke down and agreed to watch the first episode of the show because so many people kept telling me I should, ” Give it a try” or “Just watch the first episode.” It is very disconcerting to me that people push for approval from others, or wish to share something even when the intended audience clearly knows and states that they have different tastes.

If I don’t like the book, I generally HATE the TV or film adaptation. Low and behold, I found myself in need of a distraction from flat-acting and recycled story lines. I was able to play on my phone and still keep up with everything that occurred during the episode.  I began to understand, sort of. It’s just background noise.


But still, I’ve seen breasts before. I have them. Don’t really care if they are onscreen, but I don’t necessarily need them thrust center stage for whatever reason a director finds them to be great leading characters. (I don’t generally need a dick to keep my focus on a story either-go fig!)

Murder, incest, rape, and whoring are cliches to me. It’s been done, and it’s been done better. I’d rather re-watch Rome, or find time to see where Vikings is at now. I don’t have time to waste being coaxed into watching things I have no interest in, but for some reason I am continuously thrust in a society hooked on fad shows, and desperate to share them with their friends and family members.


This is why writers drink.

I would rather create something NEW, and enjoy running around on my own adventures. I accept that I need to work on my craft and that many of my rejections come because what I write is termed: Too unique. haha


So to combat the bad taste that GOT left in my mouth, or the fact that I may just have bad taste myself, I would like to remind everyone that I have a children’s book giveaway going on. (I write pretty much everything, but children’s stories are the most rewarding)

This book does not have gluttonous betrayal, or nudity that pulls your eyes from your phone for a few minutes, but it has heart. That’s about all I can ever offer anyone.

4 thoughts on “Bad Taste

  1. dashcrowley says:

    PREACH! I was one of the annoying GOT pushers, I’m sad to admit, but you make a lot of good points here. Excellent points. And I’m all on board! Bring on the happy and the new!

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