As a Mom, This Is How I Feel About Biden Allowing Trans Women Into Women’s Sports

I love everyone. I believe that everyone should be able to feel safe and welcome and enjoy their life. That’s why this piece is so important to me.

This is a serious hot-button-issue that many people don’t want to discuss. Everyone is so divided lately that they pick a side and shout insults at each other. I’m sure I’ll get called names and decried by someone. (That always happens when people just skim articles instead of reading them through properly)

It’s immature and disrespectful, but it happens. Even so, what I’m asking here is for us to look at the issue from all angles and find a solution that is best for everyone involved.

I have always, and will always support trans women. But I believe that there should be 3 sports categories. 1 for biological men, 1 for biological women, and 1 for those who do not wish to base competition on biology. Not because trans people are lesser people, but because they are people who deserve to openly celebrate who they are without having to conform to the sex based norms that do not suit them.

There are plenty of reasons to back this idea up. Click the link and read my article.

It’s a valid logical answer. Why can’t we use it?

5 thoughts on “As a Mom, This Is How I Feel About Biden Allowing Trans Women Into Women’s Sports

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    It just comes down to the division… in all fairness, your idea is awesome! It’s correct and constitutional. But doesn’t bring the division that inevitably what the big G wants.

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