The Internet Can’t Save Me From 5G

I’m going to jump off a writing cliff and post this:

5G scares me.

There, I said it.

Every article I read on the subject of this super-fast-new-wave-technology is conflicting. According to Fortune magazine, The FDA and Federal Communications Commission says, “There is nothing to worry about.”

Because they’ve never been wrong. (Insert sarcasm here)

The problem is that cell-phone communication hasn’t been around long enough for us to properly test the long-term effects of its signals on the human body. Also, the president is for it… that always makes me suspicious. I don’t care who’s in office, I still find it necessary to always question the motives of the man behind the desk.


What gets me is how often these big government agencies are flat out wrong. In 2017 CNN reported that nearly a third of all FDA-approved drugs had some kind of issue. That’s not a small risk. And some of these issues cause serious complications.

The FDA has been under scrutiny for some time. For instance, approving yet another powerful opioid in the middle of a deadly National Opioid Crisis, just last year. So no, I’m not adding them to my most trust sources of credibility.

Then there’s the FCC.

It is its own beast. This is the agency that destroyed net neutrality by claiming that broadband isn’t telecommunications…

I wonder if they also believe that pizza is a vegetable. That’s old news, but still a really great example of how government departments change definitions of simple words and concepts to fit the outcomes they are searching for. It was pretty brilliant to declare pizza a vegetable in order to provide public school students with “healthy” lunches. At least then everyone can now say children are eating their “vegetables” without having any changes actually made to fight the obesity epidemic.

Oh, and remember that time the FCC decided that internet users don’t deserve privacy?That was great. Law-abiding-citizens get to be treated like criminals because our federal government is inefficient.



It’s enough to turn me into my grandpa, a man who was sure the moon landing was faked and that the Russians were watching him through the magical TV box in his house. (He also fought the nazis in WWII, but that’s beside the point). If he knew what we were dealing with today, he’d be off his rocker. I think he’d go completely “they’re after me” nuts, and I’m starting to get there.

I was actually online, looking up sophisticated tin foil hats the other day. I’m not kidding. It’s funny to joke about the tin foil hat people. The, “Oh no, aliens are listening. The government’s trying to take over my brain,” conspiracy theorists.


But the more I research 5G the more I start to wonder.

Increased radiation is serious.

It’s invisible. It’s like the boogeyman, and it’s everywhere. It’s around us right now. No, I’m not going to panic and scream, “We’re all gonna die,” but I did find something that could help: protective gear.

It’s Kickstarter funded, so it has to be legit. (Yes I’m laughing at myself) Plus it was created in the UK. We know all the smartest people live in the UK…

Anyone can now purchase over-priced hats, bras, tank tops, and boxers─gotta protect your junk from radiation─all sorts of clothing items with a silver lining. A literal silver lining designed to block out EMF (electromagnetic fields).

Unfortunately unless one creates a sealed suit of this stuff, it will probably just serve as a conductor and increase an individual’s level of radiation. The only thing any of us can really do, is wait and see what the effects are, or go full-on survivalist and build a Faraday cage house in the middle-of-nowhere. The further you are from the signals, the better. Trees are also rumored to block radiation, so that’s an added bonus.


Good old trees. Always doing so much for humanity without much thanks.

If anyone would have talked about this to my grandpa, he would have either thought they were insane, or that the world was ending. I’m still unsure as to what I think, but for now I’m planting more trees around my house.

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