Goodbye to the Original Pagan News/Networking Site

The Witches’ Voice was my 2nd writing credit.


It housed so many of my articles I lost count. It helped me market my first book, find readers, and connect with Pagan retailers.

my family cover

The essays and material posted came from people of various backgrounds. Though mainly for Pagans one of my 1st loyal readers, and fan-mail writer was a Christian pastor on the East coast who came to to better understand Paganism and praise our similarities instead of focusing on our differences.

I cannot express how important this site has been to me, my career, and the people who found me through it. But this month, in December 2019, The Witches’ Voice is closing down.

witches voice

It’s a bittersweet farewell. In many ways this website paved the way for other publications, and gave many closeted Pagans the confidence to express themselves on mainstream social media without fear. In truth the need for Pagan only social media has lessened as people of all faiths are learning to accept and tolerate those who walk a different path.

It is a good thing.

Still it marks the end of an era.


So long are the days where my email will be filled with praise or criticism of my articles. No more will I feel the jolt of energy when I find my latest piece published and wait for the responses to pour in.

I will miss the questions, the love, and even the lessons learned from replying to readers who expressed misguided anger.

Communicating to the Pagan community through this site bonded the community. It presented our issues and our triumphs. It gave me a place to build my energy and send it out into the world without judgement.

Over the past year or so, I know the site has had some technical issues. I’ve submitted a few articles and had them locked in a glitch. I understand that there are so many other more modern resources now and appreciate my ability to move forward. But today I just want to look back and smile for a minute.

My voice, this witchy weirdness came through more clearly thanks to The Witches’ Voice.

I couldn’t be more grateful.

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