Another Chicken Soup story is coming to warm Your Soul

My story “Sweet Gift” has been selected to be featured in the upcoming Chicken Soup for the Soul title: The Magic of Christmas. I know it’s still summer, and I’m never one to rush through any season, but I just wanted to let everyone know because this isn’t just any sweet story. It’s my account of how my family started our tradition of handing out cookies (and later, fruitcake) to the homeless during the holiday season.

The more I open up about this tradition, the more people share their stories of giving and/or decide to do more to help others, so I hope this inspires more love and light in the coming months. The book is to be released on October 11th (BEFORE Halloween… that’s blasphemy! I know, I know), yet it offers so many great stories–not just mine–that I’m just thrilled to be able to encourage charity and kindness.

A few years back I had a great experience placing “English Escape” in the Chicken Soup for the Soul title, Inspiration for Teachers. I felt honored to have my work published alongside so many other great true stories, and that gratitude has only expanded with this new opportunity.


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