1 Week & Homeschooling on a Budget drops!


We’re just 1 week away from the release of my highly anticipated Defiance Press book on homeschooling. It will be available in print on August 2nd and all the kindle readers will be able to dive in.

When I first started homeschooling I felt so alone. It’s a scary decision to have to make, but one that offers countless rewards. Over the years I’ve learned plenty of tricks to save money and still provide my children with the best education possible and there are so many resources from preschool through colleges that I couldn’t fit them all in just a blog post or 1 article. So I filled a book with all this great information and I hope it helps a lot of you gain the confidence you need to educate your children at home.

There are more resources available that ever and parents do not have to spend a fortune to ensure that children are well-educated.

Pre-order the ebook now, or be ready next week!



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