Call Out for submissions – Liberty Tales

Arachne Press

We are always trying to make connections at Arachne Press, which is what we were doing with Solstice Shorts, tying music and story together to make something wonderful. Well, we are doing it again on a sightly smaller scale – an evening of stories and song* on the subject of Liberty.

Why? In June It will be 800 years since Magna Carta was signed – the closest thing we’ve got to a written constitution. So the Liberty theme is to celebrate that – please note: NOT freedom – they still had serfs back then.

When? Probably Thursday 18th June, depending on venue availability – this is three days out (you pedants you) but as we’ve had a change of calendar since and lost a few days in the 18th Century it was never going to be the actual 800th anniversary… (history lesson over).

Where? Don’t know yet. Investigating venues…

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One thought on “Call Out for submissions – Liberty Tales

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