My Interview on Fairy Tale Access

If you haven’t checked out my children’s book, My Family is Different, and want the gist of it, this interview lays it out. My segment comes in at the 2 min 33 sec mark and I go over how the idea came about and finding a publisher. My illustrator’s comes after that, and a reading of the book is featured near the end.

When Denise at Fairy Tale Access contacted me I was ecstatic. She’s put together a very nice piece for her show in honor of the spirit of the story. I do have to make a correction, this is my first children’s book. She notes I’ve written several, which I would love, there’s always more fuel in this tank, but those will be released in time. And my illustrator’s last name is Winship-Fanaei. Laura had a good laugh, she says people say Fanelli all the time.

So enjoy. If you ever have any questions, I do my best to respond fast.

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