Tale of Two Bookends Blurb

My Paranormal Romance novelette is going to be released 1 month from today. So I figured it’s time to give out some details. Over the next month I’ll be dropping teasers, but for now here’s the blurb.

Since the beginning of time Incubi have lived alongside humans without detection. Dane is one such incubus who can have any woman he wants, and becomes intrigued when Jenna turns him down. He is determined to have her, but begins to develop feelings for this mortal.

Working to gain her favor, he wins her over and is compelled to reveal the truth. They enter a strange relationship as he feeds off of her sexual energies, but over time his lack of variety begins to show. Jenna must put aside her preconceived notions about
relationships in order to keep her lover alive.

Okay, shaving a book down to less than 100 words to describe it for publishers and readers, has got to be one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. But I’m learning as I go.

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