My Story is a Misfit and that’s why I Love it!

“Let the story decide how long it wants to be.” -Mark Pearson

My writing Yoda said it best. He taught me to forget about word counts and figure out what matters most to the story instead of freaking out about constraining my work.

Years back I was struggling to fit my short stories to the publishing mold. (I still do, but they’re better now than they ever were) 5K words is about as long as a short story needs to be for most publications. Going beyond that, things get trickier. That doesn’t mean that longer short stories won’t get published, it just takes more finesse.

I was in one of my left-handed writing moods when I started, “headstones.” This haunting tale is about an old ghost who looks after the newcomers in their graveyard and what happens when resentment fills one of her wards.

It is a tale of coping with loss while finding happiness in the future no matter what your situation is.

I found a place for it with the Society of Misfit Stories. This publication specifically seeks out those longer short stories, the ones that often get rejected because of their length.

It was released as a single ebook tale at the beginning of last year but now it is in print along with some other amazing short stories in the “Society of Misfit Stories Volume III” anthology.

Available in ebook or hardcover I hope you’ll check it out. I don’t always write with my left hand, but when I do I surprise myself.

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