Walk Your Contract

It’s a fine day to sign on the dotted line.


I haven’t had a book release in a while and that’s been nagging at the base of all my WIPs. But that’s part of publishing. Sometimes you just have to shut up and keep working while you wait.


My column and short pieces keep me going when the big book releases dry out. Having side projects, pet projects, passion projects, and every other project you can imagine helps sooth the fire burning from the inside out.

Patience pays off, and I’m cashing in today.


I have agreed to work with Green Magic Publishing to put out a memoir/how-to style book on Paganism and magick.


This has been a long time coming. It is where I began my career as an author and it is where all my words find their end. No matter what religion or faith a person subscribes to, our spirituality is linked, and I cannot wait to share my story with everyone next year.

It is titled, Walk Your Path: A Magickal Awakening 

In true, me, fashion there is something for everyone. Some meditations and spells are included. (Spellwork is basically physical prayer-for anyone weary of the subject) But instead of being just another manual on the “old religion,” I speak to you as a friend and confident. I have nothing to hide. My heart is open and so is my book.

I hope you will read it and share some of your journey with me.

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