My Book was What?

I got one of the best surprises ever from my publisher today: my sci-fi novella By the Stars has been nominated for an Indie Book award!

Everyone jump up and down


and dance around the room with me.

happy dance

Okay, now that we’ve celebrated a little, I have a confession. I have a strange fear of awards. They bring on a lot of responsibility and I have known a few too many situations where winning isn’t about what’s best, but what’s more well known. I guess that makes sense, popularity is a part of book sales, and nominations help gain more notoriety.

I’ve already had my “It’s an honor just to be nominated” moment more than a few times today because it really is. But I don’t want to want it. If I want to win and I don’t, then there’s that empty feeling of disappointment, and nobody wants that. haha

Sure there is a chance By the Stars will win. I’ll be sure to clue everyone in when voting opens. Maybe we’ll get this thing going! Who knows, I’ve got a shot.


But I’m a writer. I’ve been at this for a bit now. I’m used to rejection. I’ve come to expect it. Can’t keep going if I let rejections tear me down.

So does that mean that writing has made me a pessimist?




Yeah right.

I don’t base my value as an author or a writer on awards, sales, or hell even getting published. Those are what help me know that I am succeeding in reaching people. But to succeed in writing one must do one thing, write. And I don’t mean sit down and just write, I mean learn your craft, tailor it, customize it, and pour that shit out until you feel fucking dizzy. heehee

With each new piece I create, I take more time and drain more energy to perfect what I’m trying to shape out of my head into the physical world. I wrote by the stars over a year ago now. It seems like a lifetime has passed since then. Having the opportunity to look back over it and know that it has touched others is all I need. If winning an award or even being lucky enough to receive a nomination aids me in sharing the human connection with others then HELL YEAH!

carlton dance

I don’t expect anything from it, but then again I never set out to become a writer. I fell into this profession. I somehow stumbled into my first writing deal and from there have received 3 more.

It’s been one hell of a ride and this is just another stop on the way.

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