I went through the last proof of my erotic paranormal romance, Siren’s Snare, and she’s ready!


I stayed up late reading the entire novel last night. Reading my own stuff is always a trip. Sometimes I hate myself for it, sometimes I feel that I might actually have a smidgen of talent. I was so tired last night that when I got to the end I was more relived that I could finish it and NOT hate myself. haha (that’s pretty much the epitome of being a writer)

So I sent it back to the publisher, crisp and clean and ready for the February 29th release. They still have to do a few things, and now comes the next phase of my part: bugging book bloggers and reviewers to “please read my book.” haha

read book

This is the fun part. I have a finished copy ready to send out to the reviewers and bloggers who deem my book worthy of their time. It’s horrifying and exhilarating, exhausting and jubilant! I’ve had bad reviews before and as always I hope that this novel will be so good that no one could possibly not love it (yeah right).

I’ll be contacting my listy list of peops tomorrow, so if you’re interested let me know. There are like a bajillion writers out there trying to get people to read their books and I don’t intend to sit around waiting. BEWARE, if you do reviews and such I will be coming for you. Mwa HA HA HA. heehee

read the book

And for all you non-reviewers, I will have teasers and such coming soon. That’s right, you guys are the best. My true readers are the ones that keep me going. I love you all and can’t wait to share this with you.

I wrote it last spring and ended up filing it in my “duds” folder. The fact that I had the support I needed (from my fav reader/best friend) to gain the confidence to go back and revive it is a gift I probably don’t deserve.

I tip my hat to you good sir, and to everyone who supports my writing by reading my insanities.


Feb. 29th is gonna be the day!

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