I don’t sit still well. I like to get things going and keep them going. I’m in the very final go through of the last book of my Embracing Entropy Series, Perfect Chaos, before I send it off to the publisher.

kermit typing gif

My favorite part of this series is that edits are more like simple read throughs. I know first person is less popular than third, I know I am not the greatest writer to have ever written, but this series has meant so much to me. It’s been my world for so long now.

I told my publisher I’d have it in by the 25th, and I will. I’ve got 40 pages left to work over before I hold my breath and press send. I always try to pace myself, it’s better to keep things steady and make sure you cover all your bases.

I also have my paranormal romance novel, Siren’s Snare coming out next month so prepping for that has also kept my free time limited. Last night as I was in the throws of editing I received an email from my other publisher that I need to turn in my last go through of Siren’s Snare this Tuesday.

sirenssnare (1)

I work well under pressure. I can get anything ready by whatever deadline I’m given, and I will. Doesn’t mean I’m not a bit flustered. So what do I do?

I keep a bottle of wine handy at all times. haha

That and I make sure that I know my limits. I edited 40 pages of Perfect Chaos today, after I put my kids to bed it will be time to work on 20-30 pages of Siren’s Snare before bed. I had planned to watch a movie tonight since Saturday is the one day a week I usually have time to, but this is more important to me. These stories took a lot of energy to write and I can’t wait to share them with everyone.

I do this from time to time. Things pick up and I rise to the occasion. It’s part of the job. It can get hectic at times, but the best part is that after this I can take it easy and coast for a little.

With writing, your workload is all about what you’re willing to put in. I generally push myself as far forward as I can, but there are times when you gotta slow down.

Twice a year I take a month off of writing new material to slow down and let the current projects progress without stressing me too much. June and December are my preferred months because for some reason they both get super busy with events and life. I wasn’t able to take December off last month so I’m tempted to take off February.

It’s important not to burn yourself out. When you really love something it’s hard not to obsess, but at times you gotta step back and relax. I’ve got so much going on in my personal life, I think February is going to have to be a time for writing hiatus. I can focus on primping old material and working on submissions without the pressure of producing something new.


I am currently in the process of moving, getting a divorce, settling into my new job, and keeping up with everyone that matters. It’s not easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is.

And next month I get to introduce everyone to Siren’s Snare. In March my Embracing Entropy Series will be released in a full print volume containing the whole trilogy. These accomplishments are far beyond what I ever expected to achieve. I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been offered and I’m ready to keep things going.

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