Very Authory (New headshots-BLOOPERS)

I’m an author, not a model. Sometimes I see author head shots and think: How the hell do they stay so serious?

Blooper 11

I’m not good at standing still.

Blooper 1

Or controlling my face.

Blooper 10

Or facing a camera with some sense of self-importance.

Blooper 5

People who can do that must posses a true talent because every time I get new author head shots done it turns into a laugh fest.

Blooper 14

Sometimes this works in my favor.

Blooper 8

Sometimes it REALLY doesn’t.

Blooper 6

I like to play around and most photographers love it. We try all sorts of standards. The “side ways look”.

Blooper 3

The “forward facing weirdo look”.

Blooper 2

I’m currently rocking the “pregnant author look” and had way too much fun with it.

Blooper 9

I envy any woman who can do the “sexy blow a kiss look.”

Blooper 12

Like all women I have those moments where I question whether I look too fat or too ridiculous, then I remind myself that I’m pregnant and was basically born to be a living cartoon character. Luckily we got SOMETHING suitable for the next go round of events, books, and media kits:



8 thoughts on “Very Authory (New headshots-BLOOPERS)

  1. johncoyote says:

    Every photo was wonderful. You are a beautiful woman and you made me smile. We must enjoy life. Better to smile than cry. Can I buy your books at Barnes and noble?

      1. johncoyote says:

        I will check out at Barnes and Noble. I’m old school. I still pay with cash. I believe I read Chicken Soup for the soul. Thank you for the information.

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