What’s your Favorite Letter?

If you’re a writer, reader, or any kind of word lover you know your alphabet (and then some). I love words and phrases, but it all began with an obsession with the letter e. When I was little, I would write the letter e everywhere. I called them my pee wee kids. This probably stems from the fact that it was the 80s, and Pee Wee Herman was all the rage.

Whatever the reason, it’s followed me throughout my life. As I blossomed as a writer I didn’t even know that I was on this path. Sure I always wrote, but I never considered it a possible career option. Writing is for bitter old drunk men right? I guess if that’s how some people want to go, but for me writing is love.

That love stems back to my favorite letter. I know I’m a huge dork, but the letter e is awesome. It’s like the James Bond of writing. You throw an e in there and everything changes. Words explode into something different and the pronunciation gets all muddled. E is the spy of the English language, and the best kind.

I got it tattooed on my right wrist since that’s my primary writing hand. Yeah I write with my left too, but not as fast. So now when I’m working I can see my favorite letter encouraging me to get it all down. Good work E, I love you.

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