In Good Company

My mom always said, “It’s the company that you keep.”

The people you surround yourself with are going to reflect who you are as a person. Now I’ve taken that way beyond the limits because I feel like everybody is my friend. I don’t care if you’ve done horrible things in your past if you’re sorry and you’ve atoned for them and are a better person, then keep at it. And anyone who is having a rough time with themselves or with others, I always want to help. If there’s any way that I can aid them I want to reach out.

So yes, it’s the company you keep, but at the same time how YOU extend yourself as company to others is probably the most important thing in our existence. I think that’s why I became a writer. I never set out to become an author. I never imagined myself getting published. Somebody asked me to write about my experiences, I did, and I gained an audience and kept writing because people asked me to.

Sometimes a lot of people read my work and others times they don’t. But everything that I do in the creative world, and in life in general, is meant to extend that positivity, that encouragement to others.

I want to be relatable and let people know that I see them. Whether you’re suffering or having a good time I want to enjoy the highs with you and help you through the lows.

I know I’m only one person, but that’s always been how I handle life. I did not have the happy-go-lucky cookie-cutter childhood. We struggled a lot. My dad had a lot of problems with drinking and his temper and taking things out on me, because I often felt that I had to be my mother’s protector.

And my mom was out there doing everything she could to make sure we had food on the table. There was struggle and suffering and I’m one of those people who believes that we are meant to suffer and endure in order to be better people.

So when I see others struggling or having issues I want to help them through it. I don’t want to take away the obstacles. I want them to face them and know that they’re going to come out the other side a better person, because it’s not about what you’ve been through, it’s about how you handle it and how you treat others while you’re going through the “worst” of life.

It’s easy to be nice and be a good person when things are wonderful, but how you behave when everything is falling apart really says who you are. Every time there’s been tragedy or struggle in my life I have tried to make sure that I handle it with dignity and grace.

And that’s hard to do. Nobody’s perfect, but I love sharing that.

I love sharing my sad stories, my happy stories; I love just connecting with people and getting the laughs out and letting the tears flow too. That’s what makes me feel alive. It gives us the outlets we need to properly cope with everything that’s out there.

So I feel like I’m always in good company.

My inner-circle, the people that I am closest with, are of course, people who treat me right. But I do also feel a tug to help people who aren’t good at being there for others learn how to be a more caring person. It doesn’t come easily to everyone and I’ve learned that throughout my life.

Now my husband is probably my biggest fan, but like all people he sometimes focuses more on himself and I have to remind him to think of the children, to think beyond himself because that’s what really matters.

Sometimes he has to remind me to not be so stubborn. I don’t always handle criticism well and I need to listen to what others say about my writing, especially if they don’t like it and I want to improve.

It’s so important to find people who provide encouragement who you can send it back to. I love having that give and take with everyone: artists, singers, other authors too. Even if it’s just someone thinking of starting a business or enter parenthood. I’ve had friends who’ve asked me, “What’s it like being a mom?” and I’m happy to offer whatever knowledge or wisdom I might possibly have.

Half the time I’m just trusting my instincts, following my faith and hoping for the best. That is what carries me through no matter the outcome.

Even being able to take a failure and use it as fuel to keep going, is an aspect of life that I hope I can properly convey to people and make myself good company for them. It’s good to be in good company, but it’s way more important to be good company for others.

I am very excited to do this post today because I was invited to have my site listed for Mohamad Al Karbi’s blog directory. When I look at some of the blogs listed I recognize familiar names, some are from bloggers I’ve read or conversed with. I feel very thankful and blessed to be surrounded with such good company.

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