The Censorship

Kindness matters, but so does respect.

I don’t know why I have to add that, but it seems necessary. In the name of “defending kindness” plenty of people have said and done some very unkind things.

We all get dragged into politics at times and I always do my best to stay grounded. Reality matters. What is reported by the sensationalist media is not always the exact truth. That’s why “fact-checking” is so important. Unfortunately most “independent fact-checkers” are run by companies created by CEOs who have very clear political bias.

Why does this matter to us little people? If we’re not out there doing anything wrong who cares, right? We’re just supposed to sit back and read what we’re told and nod and agree.

Well, last time I checked, this country was still free. And the most important aspect of our culture is freedom of speech. The ability to speak out when we see injustice, corruption, or inconsistencies being spread as truth. We are allowed to joke and draw whatever political and religious figures we wish without fear of punishment or death.

We are allowed to call out others, so long as we do NOT infringe on their specific rights. Libel and slander are NOT covered by the 1st amendment. (Though, judging by the lack of journalistic integrity in today’s news media, one would believe it is.)

It’s important to trust your gut. If you hear things that don’t make sense and then google it and the “research” doesn’t add up, who funds the “research” also matters. Politics is a game that is played everywhere, not just on the public stage.

Respect for our constitution, and the inherent rights everyone is granted at birth, matters. Understanding that smear campaigns and SJW anger is nothing more than modern day lynch mobbing takes integrity. I’ve seen fine upstanding people lose jobs and their homes thanks to the supposed “justice” carried out by mobs of individuals who don’t understand their own hypocrisy.

One cannot scream about how “oppressed” they are while still retaining the right to shout obscenities at their leaders.

One cannot claim to be a “victim of the system” while they have everything they need to survive and more.

And best of all, one cannot claim to be fighting on the “correct side of history” while they work to remove the rights of others no matter what their adversaries look like or how they do or don’t worship.

This is common sense to me. But I have wondered lately how many people have actually read Thomas Paine. I have laughed as I watched people destroy themselves and then cry for help. It’s the only thing I can do to not lose hope or faith.

Laughter is my saving grace. It is the joy of life even in rough times. So, as usual, I was joking on Facebook. (Remember facebook? Yeah, me neither)

Of all the things I have said and posted, they flagged my account for “hate speech” because I made a joke about how I realized that maybe legalizing drugs isn’t so great because Americans are already “fat and lazy and disgusting” enough. I placed my usual “haha” behind the statement because I was joking (though every joke holds some truth).

It doesn’t matter if you agree or not. It doesn’t even matter if that’s my actual opinion. You cannot fact check an opinion to discredit it, but you can apparently flag it as “hate speech” even if no racial slurs or bigoted speech is used. How convenient?

I never wish to be hateful. But I hate facebook. I hate twitter. I hate drug addiction. I hate pedophiles. I hate corruption. I hate government control. I hate totalitarianism. And I absolutely hate censorship.


I am a writer. Censorship is the worst atrocity to me. And it’s here.

It’s everywhere.

It goes against everything that freedom stands for when people can’t even joke around with each other. When we can’t laugh freely or breathe easy.

So yeah, my facebook is gone.


Our freedoms are being chipped away one by one. People will laugh at me. Say I’m paranoid. But my grandfather saw it. My parents prepared me for what’s coming. Fucking George Carlin warned us.

Are you listening?

5 thoughts on “The Censorship

  1. Content Catnip says:

    Yeah fuck Facebook and censorship I agree. Deleted my Fb account a year ago and have not missed it once. It is scary how sanitized the online world has become! It takes using Signal for fully encrypted private chat to replace whatsapp and also ProtonMail as it’s open source and fully encrypted email because Google is spying and then selling your data as well. It means you have to pay for ProtonMail but it’s definitely money well spent in my experience. 🙂

      1. Content Catnip says:

        Oh brilliant Jess. Yes I have found the same with writing it strangely makes the time last a lot longer not mindlessly scrolling through social feeds. It has been so rewarding to not be there! Yes check out Signal, suddenly I’m not censoring myself with friends and family and able to just talk about people’s private personal life issues…without fear that anybody is listening in on our conversations. It’s amazing. 🙂

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