Strange Loops: The Valkyrie’s Call (Book Blast)

A Viking, a Cowboy, an Assassin, and a Scientist walk into a bar. The Bartender says, “Welcome to Strange Loops. You boys must be lost.”

“We’ve lost track of time,” the Cowboy replies.

The Bartender laughs and then says, “Or maybe time has lost track of you.”

“Can you help us?” asks the Scientist.

“If I could help you, I wouldn’t be lost here either,” the Bartender says.

They laugh.

Harren Press just released a new collection and it’s packed with action and adventure all in it’s own world. This small Kansas book publisher is pressing through 2020 and giving us the gift of a new release to make up for all the insanity this year. We could all use a good read right now.

Check it out here:

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