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Trust yourself. If I could give everyone any advice it is learn to trust yourself.

All the “luck” and blessings I’ve been gifted in life come back to those defining moments where I trusted myself and my inner voice. Staying in tune with nature is a great part of sharpening these instincts. Learning how to feel the world around you and interpret its energies or sense danger/safety is a skill anyone can learn.

In writing this book I hope to help us all rekindle that bond with the world and our creator(s).


Featuring easy-to-use exercises, spells, rituals, and meditations, this enlightening book helps you reconnect with healthy, natural living and wake up your buried instincts. Jessica Marie Baumgartner shows you how to embrace the power and wisdom of your inner voice, which strengthens your magical practice and inspires you to live with purpose.

As technology has advanced, we have distanced ourselves from nature―but our connection still remains. Now is the time to reopen that line of communication. This down-to-earth book is full of guidance on preparing the body, mind, and spirit as you hike, hunt, swim, garden, sleep outdoors, and more. You’ll even find practices to use when you can’t be directly in nature. This indispensable resource is perfect for enhancing your spirituality, tuning in to the natural energies around you, and learning to trust in yourself.

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