The Luck O’the Irish Writer?

Writing can often feel like a curse. A lot of writers find themselves unable to keep from pouring their hart onto a page and some of us feel compelled to try and share our work with others. Few actually get published.

Sure there are thousands of writers, millions really, but when we look at the amount of writers who keep writing and continue to publish work, it’s quite small in comparison. My ridiculous ass spent a great deal of my life being a swimmer, a singer, a dancer, I did act for a little. I’ve painted before (If you like amateur cartoony animals, I’m your gal). Call me a creative little sprite, one of those people who just can’t sit still, whatever. But writing has always been there.

I used to tell stories in downtime at swim meets, wrote songs, danced out expressions, read from scripts to portray bold characters. And through it all I’ve written. Always written. Never thought of it as a viable profession for me. Aren’t writers all supposed to be old drunk bastards? haha (sorry old drunk bastards)

Writing is an amazing art form. I consider myself more of a storyteller really. And how I came to be published, I still don’t really know. I mean I really just kind of fell into it. Someone suggested I submit something here and I did and tried again and something else was accepted there. Yeah, there have been quite a few rejections along the way, but I feel incredibly lucky.

betty st pats

Doors keep opening for me. I don’t know why, I’m no Neil Gaiman. My superstitious Pagan Silliness does attribute a lot to the stars, fate, timing, call it what you will.

This week especially. My space opera trilogy, Embracing Entropy,  was released in one full print volume just Tuesday and already we’ve reached #306 in our genre, I’ve received numerous compliments from readers, and the good reviews are starting to come in.

Whether or not you believe in fate is irrelevant, because luck doesn’t just come from the elements, it resonates from within. Just being friendly, keeping a positive attitude, and always moving forward with your head up will create all the luck you need. Listen, expand your knowledge. Learn everything you can about your craft and utilize the information to help better yourself and your work.

This doesn’t just apply to writing, this is how life works. Sure sometimes things just don’t go in the direction you try to go, but you have to change course and test out new waters. I’ve always been one to let the wind blow me in the right direction, and today I’m thankful for every superstition and all the strength that I draw from my ancestors.


I’m on drinking hiatus right now. It’s too easy for me to form a habit and become dependent. Sometimes I need to take a step back and sober up. Then I can go back at it fresh until it’s time to pull back again. Writing sober is the single most painful thing I’ve ever had to do. (And I’ve been through a LOT of shit-like most people) But it’s always worth it.

The Irish are so much more than just drunks. haha We’re writers, poets, Pagans, Christians, loyal friends, loving family members, AND dammit corned beef and cabbage is NOT the dish for today. That originated in Jewish neighborhoods in NY haha

No worries. I tip my hat to you all. And as always, thank you for listening to my rambling. Which always seems to sound drunk even when sober, so hooray for stereotypes teehee  Listen to one of my fav Irish songs!

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