Writing Reviews

I love reading everyone else’s work. Book reviews are so important for writers. We crave them. At least I do. So I always try to review everything I read.

I have two ways that I handle reviews. There’s the good old fashioned yes or no. Did you like it? Was it a good book? Would recommend it? Yes or no. This is easier because most books are at least worth the read. Even if I hate the story, I can almost always find something worth while in it. That’s me.

Then there’s the goodreads/amazon 5 star hoo ha. It might seem super critical, but I don’t start a book thinking Oo, I’m gonna give it five stars.

One star means I hated it, I want my time and money back. It has to be so bad that I kind of loath myself for even reading it. I don’t give these out very often. haha

Two stars means it was bad, but I don’t hate it. I just wish I’d have known better than to waste my time. But no harm done, I haven’t been mentally abused for reading it.

Three stars is the baseline. If it’s good it gets three stars. It’s the C of writing. I liked it, but it’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever read, nor is it the worst.

Four stars means it’s so good that I’ll probably never forget it. I’m glad I read it and will probably read it again. It’s better than most books, and I’ll recommend it to others.

And here’s the big one, five stars. I don’t give these out as much as I used to. Maybe I’m getting picky in my old age. haha(I’m only 31 imagine how bad I’ll be in my 40s) But for a book to be worth five stars it has to be life changing. Something I love, something I feel I can’t live without. I’ll read it over and over again, own it as an ebook and a hard copy. And of course I destroy my hard copy underlining and circling my favorite passages.

Sometimes I let these ideals slide, but they’re pretty sound. I’m not the kind of writer who gets upset if I don’t always get 5 star reviews. For one reason, I know I’m not there yet. But also because you can’t please everyone.

Our world is full of diverse readers who all have different tastes. Mine are pretty eclectic, I read dry old history books, classic literature, urban fantasy, whatever comes my way. Writers love to read, and we need to remember that not all readers are like us.

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