As a traditionally published author, I submit a lot of work. I write even more than I send out.


This year alone I’ve sent out 37 different submissions…

So far I’ve received 2, yes 2 acceptances, and 11 rejections.


When people think of authors they generally think of the successes. Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, James Patterson, but like every writer even these big names struggled until they had that one hit, that one great success that put them on the map.

Every time I get a big acceptance I wonder if it will be the one, that propelling document which gives my career the boost it deserves.


But the longer I do this the more I realize it won’t be like that at all. I think I’ll just keep working and working. I’ve gotten used to people saying they recognize my name when I do book signings or go to events. That’s a start. You get used to rejection and over time impostor syndrome becomes a joke because you start proving your worth to not only others, but also yourself.

It reminds me of the “overnight success” myth.


When I was a singer I remember how fast Alicia Keys blew up. She was considered an “overnight success,” but in reality she had been at it working her tail off for 7 years. She had placed a single on the Men In Black soundtrack and no one noticed.

I’m sure that bit of mainstream credit helped her, but it didn’t give her the fame. She had to keep going.

That’s how it is with writing or any art form. You need to stop and appreciate each opportunity, but never let it slow you down.


Of those 2 acceptances I got this year, one is for Highlights Hello magazine!

One of my biggest publishing opportunities yet. I’ve been submitting to Highlights for 8 years now. Always receiving rejections, I really had to have sent them at LEAST 100 different works (if not more).

Sometimes I told myself it wasn’t worth it. Sometimes I thought I’d never send them my work again. We’re human and we get discouraged.


It’s okay to take a minute when you feel like a failure and decide you’re done, but never let it be permanent. Time off is always better than giving up. Pursuing other interests or opportunities is a great way to rebuild confidence and sharpen skills to try again.

 Behind every success is 100 failures.

People talk about it all the time, but until you really live it-really feel the truth first hand-that reality seems fictional. It’s not.


On the flip side, the only thing that can stop a talented person is arrogance. A lack of willingness to learn, change, and grow kills creativity. A massive ego might be entertaining for a minute but it won’t secure longevity.

Balance matters.

Persistence is necessary.

Keeping that passion and love for whatever you do is the main key to finding success. Never let anyone take it from you and always appreciate those who support it.

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