Teachers Put On Leave For Fake Vaccination Cards


I don’t blame them one bit. The vaccine requirement had to be challenged before it could be struck down, that put so many lives at steak using the general public as guinea pigs for vaccines that hadn’t even properly finished clinical trials. Under the emergency use laws no one will be held liable for the masses of side-effects, but you know, it all totally stopped the virus… right?

Oh yeah the CDC is still playing the hysteria game even though they admitted that 75% of COVID-19 deaths included individuals who had at least 4 other health issues (many of which probably caused the death). What we saw in 2020 and 2021 was more likely mass insurance fraud and an illegal roll out of universal healthcare, where deaths not even connected to the virus were considered COVID deaths so the hospitals could get a lucrative payout from the Gov –which is funded by OUR tax dollars.

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