Twitter’s New Musk Scent

He did it. Since extreme leftists think that buying or creating your own social media is the answer to avoiding censorship, Elon Musk purchased Twitter. This was all sparked when Twitter booted The Babylon Bee for spreading fake news (and picking on that dude in a dress running our military). Being that they’re a Satire site that happily boasts about the trustworthiness of their fake news, it was a last straw for the only billionaire on the planet with a sense of humor.

Now I don’t know the guy. And I don’t think he’s god or anything like that, but I support anyone who upholds American constitutional rights, and the 1st amendment is freedom of speech. Call me names. Tell me to jump off a bridge. I don’t care. They’re words. And words only hurt if you’re dumb enough to let them.

I’m an old school sticks n stones kinda gal. I’ve been bullied, teased, abused and homeless before. But I don’t play victimhood games, and words are our greatest form of expression. So, I have delivered on my threat and rejoined.

I left Twitter back in 2020. It meant walking away from 16K followers. It wasn’t easy but I knew it was the right thing. Just like rejoining now is too.

This doesn’t mean that I will neglect or end my journey on,,, or WordPress. If anything it is these platforms which allowed my writing career to thrive and explode during the courts of my big tech protest. I will NOT return to FB, Insta, YouTube, or Pinterest until they reinstate freedom of information. And even then… eh Minds is better.

But if you’re curious, check me out again:

2 thoughts on “Twitter’s New Musk Scent

  1. Dawn Pisturino says:

    Right now, I’m watching to see what happens at Twitter. Elon needs to fire a lot of people, including the CEO, if he wants to improve the platform. If it looks like Twitter has improved, I may return, although I really don’t miss it. But, I’m so happy he bought it!

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