New Deal!

Back in February I swore that my Space Opera Novella would get out to readers. Well that’s becoming a reality. I just signed with European Geeks Publishing!

This tale, titled By the Stars, is the only book I’ve ever written without an outline, the only sci-fi story I’ve poured myself into, and the only piece that wrote itself.

My former English Comp 101 professor once said, “Any writer who says a book wrote itself is either crazy or lying.”

Well I must be crazy. There’s no other explanation. My sister did suggest that I was receiving a signal from an alien culture that transmitted the future to me for fun. We had a good laugh over that. haha

But honestly, I’ve worked my tail off. Help from others has also gotten me here and the hardest part is yet to be done. My two previously released books were signed by indie publishers who didn’t offer as much as European Geeks, so I’m eager to do everything I can.

Climbing the ladder can seem endless in the publishing industry, but it has it’s moments. My readers keep me going and I can’t wait to share By the Stars with all of you!

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