It’s Monday!

It’s Monday and I’m a little under the weather but I still love this day. I know most of you hate me for being all sunshine happy doo dah over the beginning of a new week, but I always love it. I look at Mondays like, “I can do anything, the week’s tone is yet to be set!”

Annoying to a degree, especially since I don’t even drink caffeine and think like this. haha

But honestly, the past 2 weeks have been like a black hole in time. The end of December shuts everything down. This is the start of the first full week of the New Year. I know everyone’s sick of hearing about “yippeee it’s 2015” but it’s true.

I’ve written three new stories in the past 5 days, typed them up and gone over them here and there. Coming off of a writing hiatus has given me a lot of fuel for the idea tank. (Not that I ever need help in that department, sorting through them is my issue) They’ll have to sit and simmer for a while before I go over them again and get back into submissions, but that’s what I love about writing. It’s like the water cycle.

You write, edit, submit, write, edit, submit. Whenever I think I’m done, a whole crop of new stories assault my thoughts and I must start again.

I revised a lot of works during my hiatus and have been slowly submitting them. My novel has been completely converted and contorted into-I don’t know what. I feel that it works much better but am a little scared to go over it again. Once I feel like it’s chilled enough I’ll go over it again and maybe just maybe submit it…again…gulp. (probably after the editing workshop, or I pay for a much better editor to rip it to shreds teehee)

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