Into the New Year

Finished my first story of 2015 this morning. Sure I’ve got the editing process to go through but it was a great way to come off of my hiatus.

Timeless Tales Magazine opens their next submissions period next month and I want to have my story polished and ready. So once I get it typed up it needs to sit for a while and then I can primp the baby over and send it out. Yea!

I have listened to  a multitude of writers going on and on about how they love writing but don’t have the time. I’m gonna be an ass today, maybe it’s all the rum I had last night, but you can’t be a writer if you don’t write. Saying you are a writer and being one are two different things. It’s hard and scary and wears you down, but it’s also rewarding, exciting, and regenerating.

Make the time or get a new gig.

Sorry, I mean writing can be a hobby as opposed to a career. Actually most writers have to make it so in order to survive. A lot of us enjoy hobbies more than work right? So if your struggling to make the time to sit down and write, maybe you need a new approach. I don’t know.

I’m always bursting with ideas and never have as much time as I want to write, but I still get to sit down for at least an hour everyday or so and pump my heart out into words. No excuses, either do it or don’t.

The end. haha

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