2015-It’s On!

Maybe I shouldn’t be ridiculously excited about this, but I am on a list of “writers to watch for in 2015”! The fact that I am reaching beyond my circle of family and friends and touching others with my works is why I do what I do. Hopefully I’ll find myself on many other same type lists.

The New Year holds a lot for me. I have some stuff already slated to come out in the next 6 months. My writing hiatus ends Jan 1st, which means I can throw myself into new projects without feeling guilty (since I promised my family I’d cool it until next year). Starting Jan 5th I have an editing workshop that I’m stoked about, hopefully it will help me to improve my writing and possibly help a few other writers. Add in the upcoming festivals and other opportunities and it’s on!

Then there is my silly superstitious side. The number 15 is my favorite number. Funny, I generally hate odd numbers, something about pairing things up always makes me feel good. But 3s and 5s have an energy about them that supersedes my eccentricities, and put together 15 is like the ultimate power of 3. Maybe that’s my witchy side coming out, but numbers have significance and the year ahead is all about it.



6 thoughts on “2015-It’s On!

  1. latanyadavis says:

    Funny that you should say that about the numbers because I am an even numbers person too, but I also love the #5. Congratulations for being on a list for ‘Writers to Watch for in 2015.” Awesome!

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