Disembodied Stereotypes

I’m a writer and so I write. But I’m also a Wiccan, a mother, and a wife with a world of other interests. Despite this I find myself fighting stereotypes just like everyone else.

The first thing people think when I actually have the nerve to admit that “Yes, I am a writer” is that I sit around all day doing nothing. Or at least that’s a general idea. Few people who are not writers themselves understand the research. For me it is a necessity to get ideas and descriptions from real life. Not google. I go out and live, adventure, meet new people. It’s exhausting but absolutely worth it.

Now add in the fact that I am of a faith that 1 in 100 follow and things get real interesting. I say Wiccan and most people hear Witch. I love the word. It’s a term of honor to me. Some Pagans hate the label but I embrace it with pride. When I write Pagan articles or use witches as characters in my stories I have to tread lightly though. I do not want any of the typical Hollywood stereotypes to haunt my words, but there are some that you cannot avoid.

Of course being a witch is one thing. Being a Wiccan and raising a family is another. I know that I stand out, just not how many people would imagine. My bubbly personality mixed with my flamboyant lifestyle and colorful choice of wardrobe often confuses people when they learn that I am a witch. I guess stereotypes are hard to break.

Yes, I can be a loving mother and practice the mystical arts. I’m a stay at home mom and take my job extremely seriously. I run a tight ship. My organizational skills are beyond most writers. My husband is a Taoist and loves the fact that I work to give him a comfortable home to return to after his shifts.

Being a stay-at-home mom does not mean that I condemn working mothers. I applaud them. Just as I have friends who are single parents and admire their strength.

Stereotypes are unavoidable. They increase when the population continues to grow and the size of humanity sure isn’t shrinking. But we can still look beyond and live as individuals. Write as individuals.

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