Push Through

You write and you write and you submit and you submit, and maybe somehow you’re lucky enough to get your book published. It’s a great feeling. Nothing in this world will get you higher than achieving your goals and meeting success.


Thing is, will you peak before you get there? Will it get to be too much? These are the questions that plague me as I work to set up signings, events, and promote while somehow trying to squeeze in the time to keep writing and editing new works when not balancing my tech writing job and my family .

I’m no expert, and I’m certainly not the greatest writer ever, but I’m doing everything I can to soak up whatever I need to know to keep going. There are days where I don’t want to have to fill out another interview questionnaire or spend endless amounts of time shamelessly self promoting on social media. As a writer I want 2 things, adventure, and the time to write about whatever is inspired by those adventures.

belle adventure

But if a writer wants to reach an audience and have the awesome relationship with their readers that I keep busting my ass to have (because it’s totally worth it), then you gotta stop whining about all the work and just fucking do it. No matter how close we come to achieving our dreams, we never fully reach them because the idea isn’t reality. Bestselling authors struggle. Signed authors have woes and worries as always.

I currently have 4 different publishers and a slew of indie books, some published, some that are being primped and shopped around for sale. Being a word slinger is a privileged not a right. So if you want to know how to get recognized, do the work. Keep pushing.

It sucks that artists of all kinds have to sacrifice the creative limelight for the mundane business aspects of industry at times, but the industry is nothing more than a tool to help spread the word. That’s the great thing about tools, it’s best to use them but never become dependent on them.

writing best done alone

Part of the adventure is dealing with all the bullshit that hits you outta nowhere. No one wants to imagine the bumps along the way. But it’s the rough edges and rock terrain that allow someone to feel accomplished once they make it through.

I personally love the struggle. I accepted long ago that life is a challenge to be met without fear. When things get rough I press on as best I can until I’m on the other side and can allow myself a rest.

The reviews for my latest releases, Siren’s Snare, and Embracing Entropy have begun to trickle in and they’re all shining. After many sleepless nights of nonstop work, I can take a breather. (Of course not for long. I did just finish another children’s book and have a short story collection to wrap up.)


Yes pace yourself at times so you don’t get run into the ground. But don’t allow fear, TV, tiredness, or anything else slow you down. Life is full of distractions. People who achieve their dreams learn how to avoid all the excess and go after what they really want.

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