A New Love

So after going through my novel, and the rejections again and again, I finally decided to take my husband’s advice and accept the fact that I have written a romance novel without the love scenes. Here we go, I’m great at sexual tension. I know that. I write it well.

Last week I started adding some steamy scenes into my story and guess what? Everything that was missing is there. I’m like what the hell?!

But I have been dabbling in romance a little. I wrote a short one and a couple of novelettes over the past year just to see what it’s all about. Instead of feeling like some cheesy sellout I learned that I can tell my story my way without worrying about a lot of the issues in other genres because I know my audience. Women! (and some of my lovely gay men)

Romance is more than sex, a lot more. It is about allowing yourself to open up the vulnerability withing and really share it with others. Isn’t that the epitome of writing? So any of you who roll your eyes or think I’m degrading myself by working in this genre I have one question. How many romances have you actually read?

Publishers are always looking for new romance tales. It is one of the few genres where there aren’t enough writers and the opportunities are lucrative. I don’t care what you write. That shouldn’t matter. All that matters is that you care about what you write. If you have that, then take pride in your work.

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