Missing the opportunity


Walrus Publishing has given the people of St. Louis a great opportunity to tell their own personal stories of their experiences with the protests, policing, and trials of living near or around Ferguson. Why so many of my friends and family have not jumped on this I do not understand. And if you are a minority your voice is especially wanted. No judgement, no interpretation, just TRUTH in your words.

If anyone is reluctant because they are afraid, or do not feel that they have the writing skills, you can send your story to me. I am hoping to compile some of these accounts into an insightful, compelling piece that is a part of our history whether we like it or not.

How can we create positive change if no one is willing to openly talk about what they have gone through?

Here’s more of mine http://www.walruspublishing.com/for-readers/story-change-whats-next/

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