Coming home is always eye opening. Leaving is important. You need to get out and adventure if you’re a writer who wants to keep up with your audience.


Yesterday was another out of town book signing and as always I learned more from the people I met than any book I’ve ever read. This time I took my family with me.


Apparently chocolate cupcakes turn the kiddos into little monsters, but they are old enough to handle the trip (without me having to chase after them), and my fiance is the most supportive person I’ve ever met. (I hope I give him as much of a boost as he gives me).

Events like the Kansas City Pagan Pride festival not only help me relate to others like me, it gives me the opportunity to mingle with people of various backgrounds. Kids, teens, adults; people who enjoy coming together and celebrating who we are.


There was talk of the current political climate and how divisive much of the country has become. But what always reminds me of why I do what I do is the solutions offered, the people who refuse to let others change their hope and faith (whether it’s faith in a higher power, nature, or themselves).

I got to speak with a few authors and gab about writing – which always eases the pressure and I find it easy to remember that no matter how screwed up things seem, we are not broken. One thing I love about life is the resilience many of us are born with.  (Like the ability to wear heels for 14 hours and not stop smiling haha)


Today is a day to calm down and reflect. I find it very poignant how a lot of Pagan events fall around 9/11. Stepping outside of myself and my situation is easy to do after getting out there and listening to my readers. Without you guys, I don’t have a voice (even with my big mouth or my inability to realize when I accidentally take pictures of myself).


So thanks for listening.


I want to invite anyone who doesn’t have a copy of my new children’s book, “The Golden Rule,” to enter my latest giveaway. I wish I could give everyone a free book. Getting to run around sprinkling free books everywhere would be the best job ever – Hooray for Book fairies!


And if you’re interested in being a part of the process, or just want to talk books, the last stop on this year’s book tour will be on Saturday Oct 14th from 10am-2pm at the Spencer Rd branch of the St. Charles Public Library.


If I don’t see you, I hope you’re reading something awesome!

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