Writer’s Fear

I’m finishing up going through a friend’s manuscript today. I work pretty fast, but have been kind of taking my time with this one. I’d like to say it’s because I wanted to give extra special care to this edit, and that’s somewhat there, but I realized it’s because I’m scared.

Tomorrow, when I don’t have someone else’s work to look over, I’ll have to work on mine again. The short story collection is coming along nicely. It’s hard because some of my earlier tales need a lot of work.

Book 2 of the Embracing Entropy Series is ready for editing as well. That’s even more frighting because I have to live up to book 1 and try and get readers interested in book 3. It’s frightening.

And then there’s the novel I have ready for another go through.

The work is there. Waiting. Just waiting. It might as well be some creepy serial killer with a hook waiting to murder my confidence.

I call my hesitation writer’s fear. It’s common. Often mistaken for writer’s block.

I’ll get through it. It’s all part of the job, but I feel the need to talk about it. A lot of writers don’t.

Well damn. Why not?

I’m a face my fears kind of person. So instead of running from all this, I’ll push through and dive in.

And when I take on too much, I’ll do another edit for someone else to reset. It’s how I do.

Embrace the fear. Enjoy it. Let it keep you going.

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