3 weeks!

In 21 days I will be 34 years old. In my short or long time here (depending on who you talk to and what their age is) I’ve been able to connect with a wealth of vast minds. Being a big kid who still jumps on the bed, I don’t shy away from birthdays and aging. I find it entertaining.


I love parties and adventures and cake! haha (Why wouldn’t I?)


But gifts are something I tend to shy away from, at least physical ones. To me the greatest gift is doing what I love, getting to share my silliness and finding other weirdos to run around with.


So if you haven’t heard, THIS year my birthday gift to you all is a giveaway. It’s not much, but you have 3 weeks left to enter on Good Reads!



My latest release, The Golden Rule, may be a children’s book, but I’ve heard from numerous adults who added it to their collection for it’s spirit and love. An avid children’s book lover, I’ve always had a kiddie book collection (even before I had kids, in early adulthood). Sometimes you just need a story to make you smile, something simple or sweet.


I will never be entirely sure if I’ve pulled that off in, The Golden Rule, but the 5 star reviews keep coming in and many thanks have been received. I don’t need much. Pen and paper, some time to play outside. So I feel indebted to all my readers and this is just one gift that I can offer you.

2 thoughts on “3 weeks!

  1. theresa holm says:

    i love birthdays too even at my age the golden years. Eric and i each birthday create a table of our favorite goodies, cake, balloons and presents. we live near the Faust park carousel. i would love to ride one if i wasn’t scared of the looks i would receive. let us know if you are every go to Faust park to visit the butterfly house or carousel. .

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