Not Your Average Resolutions

New Years’ is often a time of making promises you don’t intend to keep. It’s fun to envision making something come to fruition, but honestly, if you’re going to do something you don’t need a silly holiday to get you started. So instead of setting myself up for disappointment or playing the “I’m too cool for resolutions” game, I’ve found myself in a much sillier state. I only make funny resolutions that are sure to make someone smile (or laugh at/with me).


I’ve been really bad about keeping up with my Wacky Wednesday videos and posting them on YouTube. Instead of pretending I can pull extra hours out of my ass, or that being a pregnant writer with virtually 3 different jobs I am a mystical creature who never needs sleep or rest, I have instead decided to just make what I can when I can and do my best to make it matter! (By matter I mean entertain-my videos are never quality enough to compete with the odd TV programming alternate reality that has become YouTube.)


What the hell does this all mean?


Why am I rambling about silliness and resolutions?


Last year a FB writer friend found out I had never eaten Nutella OR seen Showgirls. Yes, I know! What a crime!!

He joked that I should resolve to experience both and I decided that doing both at once would be even cooler! So I made it known to the land of social media that I would, in fact, sit down and watch Showgirls while eating Nutella from the jar. I mean eating directly from the jar is always better. At least that’s how it is with me and peanut butter. But I am addicted to George Washington Carver’s greatest contribution to my life.


I still have 5 days to fulfill this ridiculous promise I made to myself and it WILL happen. I may even film some of it, because if it’s not at least captured in a picture it didn’t happen, did it? And the authenticity of video is worth the share.


This year

While I’m still working to finish last year’s resolution, as stupid as it may be…

I decided to take things a step further.


I hate serious resolutions that often make people beat themselves up, but I love being festive and ridiculous. So keeping with last year’s fluke, I am now leaving it up to you to decide what I will resolve in the coming year. On twitter. Because my tweepoles are the best tweepoles. @jessmbaum

Hop on and vote in this VERY IMPORTANT POLL!!!


(not really, no old ladies should have a heart attack over this teehee)

The choices:

Unicycle, Pogo Stick, or Skateboard?


I’ve already received a healthy number of votes, but I wish to be a democratic as possible so please vote early and tell your friends. I may be halfway through my pregnancy, but this summer will be all about riding a unicycle, mastering the pogo stick, or FINALLY FINALLY after all these years, learning to ride a damn skateboard. I mean life isn’t exactly short but it should always be filled with new adventure and one of these will definitely leave me with some writing material. Maybe a few battle scars to boot.

battle scars

See you on the pavement!


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