What the shit?

Umm, I dove in yesterday. Had time to start editing book 2 of my series and I went for it. My apprehensions were much like my fears for the first book. Will it read well? Do I have more grammar mistakes than I care to admit? Etc. Etc.

Thing is, I’m flying through it. I’m halfway done with the son of a bitch already. I’m like what the shit is this? I mean it’s great, but then I wonder if my editing skills are just waning or if I’m biased. (These are all concerns my writer friends claim to own as well haha)

It’s only a 30k word novella, so there’s that, but editing usually takes a lot longer for me. This is just like book 1.

Book 1 did the same fucking thing. I feel like I’m just reading and tweaking. This must be like some crazy awesome writer’s karma or something for all the work I’ve put into other manuscripts (my own and other authors as well).

It’s exhilarating. Doesn’t quell my fears, but it does change them into a more healthy shape. haha

This is why I love what I do. When I can read something I wrote and be proud of it, I know I’m doing something right. I probably just jinxed myself and will get stuck editing the last half of book 2 for 5 more years or something. But right now, I’m stoked.

Like By the Stars, the first book of the Embracing Entropy Series, it is present tense/first person. I love first person. I’m a character nut so if I can see the world through a character’s eyes I’m hooked right away. A Princess of Mars and Jane Eyre did that for me.

The bastard novel I have waiting for another go through is 3rd person. It’s been a crotchety old man that rides me constantly. I’ll get through that eventually, but today I am ready to finish plowing through book 2 and then move on to the next phase.

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