Careful With Your Work

I’ve been getting a lot of chain mail type posts that ask me to put up some lines from my writing. A lot of the writers I know have fun with it. I have some author friends who post full sections from novels they’re working on to their facebook pages, blogs, and some shorter lines on twitter.

I DON’T do that!

I have no problem sharing my work and trusting certain people to give me feedback, but until a piece is published I will not make any part of it public.

Maybe I’m paranoid. I know I’m old school when it comes to my craft. But there are so many people out there, the second you post something anyone could use it.

I doubt there’s a writer out there who wants to steal my work. I’m no Neil Gaiman or anything. But I’m not gonna take my chances.

Other writers can do what they want. I don’t care. When it comes to my work, I feel it best to let my stories find their way into readers hands once they’re finished. Taking out snippets for marketing is one thing, but slapping something online just for fun can be dangerous.

I’m always careful with my work. Nowadays you have to be. I feel it’s essential.

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